Women's Cotton Turtlenecks

Cotton Turtlenecks for Women

Cotton Turtlenecks for Women

While it's more commonly worn as cold-weather clothing, the classic turtleneck can also be a part of your spring or summer wardrobe. A cotton turtleneck can keep you cool and comfortable in warmer weather while giving you the elegant and sophisticated look you crave. It's a versatile piece that you can wear for a wide range of occasions, from working in the office to dining at an upscale restaurant. Take a look at Lands' End's fabulous collection of women's cotton turtlenecks to find one that suits your taste and personality.

For maximum comfort, consider getting our Supima cotton turtleneck for women. This turtleneck is made of 100% Supima cotton, the finest cotton produced in the United States. Besides being super soft and comfortable, it features interlock knit for extra smoothness, a foldable and scrunchable neck for versatile styling, and hemmed sleeves for a neater look. It's slightly curved at the waist to accentuate your figure and reaches to mid-hip. Regarded as the best cotton turtlenecks, our Supima turtlenecks come in a wide array of colors, including white, black, Capri seas, dark olive green, wild cherry, and dark caramel.

If you're looking for something to wear on warmer days, opt for our lightweight cotton turtlenecks. Made of a cotton-rayon-spandex fabric, these turtlenecks are designed to help you stay cool and comfortable in warm conditions without sacrificing style. They come with an ultra-softening wash and self-fabric neck for greater comfort. They can be worn on their own or as layering pieces, and they go well with all kinds of women's bottoms, including jeans, trousers, leggings, and skirts. These women's cotton turtlenecks are available in many different colors and patterns, from ivory and radiant navy to stripes and plaids.

Lands' End's cotton turtlenecks for women are highly durable pieces of clothing that can stay in your closet for many years. They're so comfortable and stylish that you'll want to wear them on a regular basis. Check out our sizing charts to find an amazing women's turtleneck that fits you perfectly.