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Tall Women’s Cardigan Sweaters

When clothing is made with your height in mind, you can achieve flawless looks. Tall sizes offer the extra hem, torso, and sleeve lengths that women over 5’ 8” in height need for their clothes. By matching the typical proportions of tall women, these custom fits make creating a fashionable wardrobe easy.

Tall cardigan sweaters help women feel confident and covered with the right torso and sleeve lengths. When you choose tall cardigan sweaters for women, they fall below the waist instead of on the waist like with regular sizes. This ensures that you don’t need to constantly tug at and readjust your top during the day. Meanwhile, the cardigan’s long sleeves don’t creep up too high but remain comfortably around your wrists as intended.

Cardigan sweaters for tall women can be worn in all seasons. Whether you choose a fine-gauge cotton cardigan or a heavy knit sweater, you gain the ability to control your comfort level with a versatile wardrobe piece. Thin cotton cardigans are even useful in the summer when you need to spend time in air-conditioned places like movie theaters, the grocery store, and the office where you can still feel chilly.

When you don’t want to pack away those beautiful summer tall maxi dresses, cardigans make it possible to wear them any time of the year. The extra coverage of cardigans can also add extra warmth to a sleeveless tunic top, expanding your wardrobe and providing more options when you need to diversify your look. Still feel cold? Just throw a fall or winter jacket over your outfit when you’re outdoors!

Want to keep it casual? Cardigans make it easy to add depth to your outfits with low-key elements like jeans. The extra layer makes your outfit multi-tiered without making too much of a fuss—perfect for when you just want to make a subtle statement. For even more fun, pick some cardigans with bold colors and patterns.

Do your early fall sweaters need a boost? Wearing a long cardigan over one of your favorite mock neck or V-neck sweaters can keep you extra warm and add different colors to your outfit. Want to wear a yellow cardigan with a black mock neck for a fun and fresh look in the middle of winter? Go right ahead! If you want to mix patterns and solids, a black or white cardigan can easily be worn over a patterned long-sleeved shirt with fantastic results.

There is always a place for tall women’s cardigans in your outfit plans. Find a variety of exciting materials, colors, and patterns from our collection of tall women's clothing today!