5 Tips to Pair Your Flare Jeans With Tops

5 Tips to Pair Your Flare Jeans With Tops

While jeans are always in style, the types of jeans that are in style at a given moment tend to come and go. Such is the case with flare jeans, which had their heyday back in the ‘70s when they were called bell bottoms. They came back on the scene in the early 2000s as well, and with a really low waist. That’s a big contrast to today’s flare jeans, which are back in style in a new way, sitting high up on the waist around the navel area. The way they flare out getting wider past the knee adds a cool sort of “flair” to flare jeans, and they know how to make a fashion statement. Now that you know what jeans are on trend this season, you’ll need to pair them with a top. While you can’t go wrong, some tops will look better than others when paired with flare jeans. As such, here are our tips for pairing your flare jeans with the right tops.

With a Turtleneck

The way that flare jeans hang loosely, spreading out with their wide legs, makes them ideal for women who want to achieve a flattering look. That’s why wearing shirts like turtlenecks look amazing with flare jeans, primarily because they balance out the look by being the complete opposite of flare jeans: the turtleneck is fitted while the flare jeans are wide-legged at the bottom.

With a Button-down Blouse

Perfect for a night out or for when you need some proper work-from-home apparel for those video conference calls, a button-down blouse not only looks dressed up and professional, but also pairs well when tucked into some flare jeans. Of course, you could go with classic white or black, but you could also experiment with bold prints to match your bold flare jeans. Make sure to consider the color of the jeans as well. A white blouse looks great with darker jeans, while a black blouse contrasted against lighter jeans looks good too. However, you could go the all dark or all light route as well. It’s fun to experiment with a few different options.

With a Bodysuit

They’re not as popular these days as they once were, but they’re still around and not going anywhere. Bodysuits are great for achieving that sleek, smooth, simple look that no other type of shirt can do. Anyone who knows the frustration of having their shirt come untucked when they’re bending over or stretching can relate. A bodysuit stays right where it should and looks amazing when worn under high rise jeans that flare out at the bottom. It has the same effect as a turtleneck but without the hassle of having to tuck it in just right without any baggy gaps showing.

With a Simple T-Shirt

Don’t forget the basic, reliable T-shirt when choosing a top to pair with your flare jeans. The end look will be more casual than a blouse or turtleneck but there’s nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that the type of T-shirt you wear will make a difference too. Try on a crisp fitted tee or your favorite concert tee and see how each looks with your flare jeans. You might find that they look like completely different outfits.

With a Blazer or Cardigan

No matter what type of top you wear with your flare jeans, try wearing a cropped blazer or women’s cardigan sweater over them. Both can double as a jacket during mild temperatures as well. Nonetheless, the look you want to achieve will be different for each. A cropped blazer has more of a professional look while a cardigan has more of a comfy look. Opt for the blazer with your flare jeans for times you want to dress to impress. The cardigan might be best for casual everyday wear or for hanging out with friends.

Don’t Forget a Belt

If you’re tucking a top into your flare jeans, you might want to try a belt as well. If there are enough embellishments toward the top of the jeans where you tuck the shirt in, it might not be necessary. But because there is so much fabric due to the high waist, a belt could help break up the look and add a bit of pop. As for the type of belt, you’ll want to stray from thin, narrow belts. Something wide enough to accompany the wide leg is ideal. But in terms of what the belt is made of, anything goes. Whether leather or fabric, belts are fun ways to add a dash of style to any outfit.

No matter which top you choose for your flare jeans, don’t forget footwear like heels or boots to balance out the look.


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