Women's Fashion Scarves

Dress Scarves & Summer Scarves for Women

Dress Scarves & Summer Scarves for Women

Among Lands' End's sumptuous collection of scarves for women, you will find a lovely array of fashion scarves to choose from. A scarf adds instant polish and verve to any outfit, while warm scarves and shawls are practical wintertime accessories with petite coats. A scarf may provide a welcome layer of warmth on the coldest days.

Fashion scarves are everywhere at the moment; they have been trending for some time with no signs of falling out of favor—scarves for women are just too pretty, practical and easy to wear. Fashion scarves can instantly dress up skinny jeans and a T-shirt, or add pattern and color to your favorite blouse and cardigan sweater combo, or add even extra polish to a purse or one of Lands' End monogrammed tote bags. A scarf is perennially useful, too. Scarves for women are handy for pulling over your head if it drizzles or snows, wrapping around your shoulders in a drafty restaurant or concealing a meal-time spill in an after-lunch meeting. Fashion scarves are more than accessories; they are wardrobe workhorses.

Another way a scarf works hard to add flexibility to your wardrobe is that it's an extra layer. Select one of our cozy scarves and shawls to wear over a modest dress or long-sleeve T-shirt and you will extend the usefulness of that garment well into the cold season. Fashion scarves truly are an important part of a versatile wardrobe!

Browse our excellent selection of scarves for women and find the perfect scarf to complement your favorite dress, warm scarves and shawls to take your favorite transitional pieces deep into winter and fashion scarves to mix and match throughout your wardrobe. Shop fashion scarves at Lands' End!