Women's Petite Coats

Women's Petite Jackets & Coats

Women's Petite Jackets & Coats

If you are a petite-sized woman, then you will be thrilled with the collection of petite women's coats and jackets offered at Lands' End. In general, a petite size refers to women who are five feet, four inches, or shorter, no matter what her body shape is.

A petite woman has shorter arms than a woman with a taller stature, and it is important to find the right size petite outerwear to accommodate her arm length. In addition, it is important that the jacket falls appropriately at the waistline. We have plenty of great styles and colors of outerwear jackets and warmest winter coats to choose from, so you can stay cozy and dry when the weather becomes temperamental.

Spring is such a lovely time of year, yet is often breezy and showery. This season is the perfect time of year to wear spring jackets. They can help to keep you dry if it is misting, yet are light enough that you won't get overheated, and perfect for layering over a petite sweater. Wear a pair of petite jeans and sneakers with the lighter coat, and enjoy taking a stroll through the park or shopping in the city.

When the weather turns stormy, choose long, hooded, down coats to keep you covered up from head to toe. Wrap a warm scarf around your neck so no bit of wind can find its way in to give you a chill. Wear petite long underwear under your pants, and slip your feet into tall, insulated boots so you can stay toasty warm.

Shop with confidence at Lands' End for the ideal petite women's winter coats and petite jackets. You can use our handy sizing chart, or feel free to give our professional customer service representatives a telephone call or chat via our website. We can help you with sizing and style choice, and discuss our shipping options with you. We always enjoy speaking with our customers!