Men's Blue Shorts

Men's Navy Blue Shorts

Men's Navy Blue Shorts

Men’s Blue Shorts

Time to have fun styling any of our men’s blue shorts! Try it, and you’ll see that many of our shorts feel like your favorite sweatpants but offer way more style. They’re available in a wide array of blue shades with solids and patterns. Wear these shorts with any of your favorite men's polo shirt. Layer up with a men’s sweater on top. Throw on your sneakers, and you’re ready to head out the door.

We’ve designed our men’s blue shorts for your comfort and style. Don’t want to worry about ironing them? Try our no-iron shorts! Also, look for functional details like a comfortable waist that stretches for more ease of movement. That means whether you’re on or off the court, you’ll be able to as comfortable as possible to make that shot or run those errands in cozy confidence. As for the added benefit of style, many of our shorts have a guaranteed smooth and crisp front crease for up to 50 washes, no ironing required.

Check out our wide array of men’s blue shorts. For gym shorts that work well even outside of the gym, go for any of our men’s mesh shorts. Our athletic blue shorts pair well with a V-neck tee and pullover. Enjoy functional features like moisture-wicking and odor control to keep your shorts’ fabric fresh and dry even after your sweatiest workouts.

Men’s Navy Blue Shorts

Set sail and see where life’s adventures take you when you wear our men’s navy blue shorts. Hoist the mainsail in our men’s active blue shorts. They’re made for your comfort, with many featuring elastic waistbands and adjustable drawcords. Put away all your essentials in your shorts’ pockets. Get some much-needed Vitamin D and soak in the sun while your shorts do the same with built-in UPF protection.

It’s so easy to dress up or dress down any of our men’s navy blue shorts. Dress them up with a blazer or sports coat. Keep it casual with a sweatshirt or men’s cardigan sweater. You’ll be looking polished with minimal effort. They’re so easy to wash since they’re made from lightweight yet durable materials, so simply throw them in the wash and get on with the rest of your day.

Whether you’re headed to the office or just looking for something to lounge in at home, we have the perfect pair of men’s navy blue shorts for you. Add versatility to your wardrobe with our shorts that are specially designed to be both wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant. Many of our shorts are available in both regular and long sizes to best fit your frame and style.