Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Instead of having bulky chairs that are hard to move inside a kid's room, why not put a couple of bean bag chairs in there instead? Lands' End has a fun collection of these comfortable bag chairs to keep all of the kids happy, no matter what age they are.

If the kids are having a slumber party or movie night with their friends, children's bean bag chairs are perfect. They can configure them any way they like and if needed, they can move them to see the movie better. When it comes time for the kids to go to sleep, have plenty of kids' sleeping bags available so they can rest comfortably.

Chair bean bags are a great option for when your college student goes away to school. They fit well in a dorm room, and they are comfortable enough for the student to read and study in. Also, when the kid wants to take a nap, they can mold the chair to fit them perfectly. Be sure your student takes several cozy throw blankets and throw pillows with them to help keep them extra comfortable.

If your child is on the younger side, choose a kid's bean bag with a whimsical cover on it. Whether the cover features an animal, their favorite movie character, or a familiar scene, they're sure to love hanging out in their chair.

Shop Lands' End today and stock up on bean bag chairs for kids. We have lots of sizes, styles, and children's bean bags to choose from, so kids can find the perfect one for their room. Our friendly customer service team is available to help you with your order of bean bags for kids. We can help with shipping options and if the bag chair is a present for someone special, we can send it to the recipient. Give us a call or chat through our website, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.