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Decorative Pillows

Throw Pillows, Couch Pillows, and Decorative Pillows

Shop the Home department of Lands' End to find attractive Decorative Pillows to add grace notes to your home. There are few rooms that do not benefit from the softness that carefully chosen Throw pillows provide. Whether you seek preppy needlepoint Blue decorative pillows or crisp White decorative pillows, Lands' End offers the elegant, high-quality Throw pillows and Couch pillows you want.

When you choose Decorative pillows for couch or to add a nice touch to your bedding, you are selecting the finishing touches of your room. Do you need the pop of Red decorative pillows, or a place to rest your eye, such as neutral linen Throw pillows? Do you want snappy White decorative pillows to showcase a monogram, or are you looking for something altogether cushier? Consider what you want your room to say when choosing decorative Throw pillows or Couch pillows.

Moreover, you'll find that our Decorative pillows are practical. Our Throw pillows feature zippered covers, for laundering, so if you want cushy Couch pillows for the den, it is not the end of the world if the dog sleeps on them or a guest spills a drink. Our Decorative pillows are for your couch, your bed, your chair, and your life. Pair a pretty pillow with one of our personalized blankets or throws for a classy touch in your family room. Pair some fun decorative pillows with your kids' bedding to create a fun and cozy atmosphere.

Our array of Decorative pillows surely includes the Throw pillows you want to give your house special touches of charm. There really is something to suit almost every home! Shop Decorative pillows at Lands' End today!