Kids' Robes

Children's Robes

Children's Robes

What’s the difference between a robe and a bathrobe?

While some people use the terms ‘robe’ and ‘bathrobe’ interchangeably, the two garments have a few significant differences. Robes, which are sometimes also called dressing gowns or housecoats, can be any type of long, loose outer clothing. These are meant to be worn around the house as an extra layer. Robes can be made of materials like fleece, silk, and wool if you are looking for a lot or a little warmth. 

Meanwhile, bathrobes are instead usually made of absorbent materials, like cotton terry, to help absorb any excess water after you bathe.

What are the best materials for a robe? Bathrobe?

The best materials will depend on how you plan to use your robe or bathrobe. For example, if you want a robe that will keep you warm, you’ll want soft, durable fabrics like fleece that stand up to everyday wear.

Our kids’ fleece robe is made of a 100% polyester fleece fabric, which creates a soft and plush feel. We designed it to provide optimal warmth, comfort, and convenience. This knee-length robe comes with a hood, a sewn-in belt, and front pockets. What might be the best feature of all, you can throw this robe into the laundry machine without worrying about damaging it.

What are the best ways to layer a robe?

A robe works best as the outermost layer of clothing. Depending on how the robe fits will dictate how you can layer your robe. If your kid’s robe has a loose fit, they can wear just about anything, like a flannel sleep set, footed pajamas, or a flannel nightgown underneath. If you’re dealing with cold weather, stock up on cozy socks and kids’ slippers.

How can I personalize a kids’ robe?

At Lands’ End, we know that small things can have a big impact. And one of those things is adding a small personal touch to make a child feel special. 

On our kids’ robes, we offer the ability to monogram, embroider or combine the two options in the robe’s “Make it Personal” feature. You can use this feature to monogram a single letter, your child’s initials, or their name onto the chest of the robe. You can pick from a range of colors and several different fonts.

We also have a vast selection of embroidery designs that include different animals like dogs and cats, symbols like hearts, and different sports, so that you can create a look that your child will love.