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The North Face Women's Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest
The North Face Women's Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest
The North Face Women's Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest The North Face Women's Ridgewall Soft Shell Vest Customized Uniform Vests, Custom Designed Work Vests, Custom Embroidered Outerwear & Customized Logo Uniforms You'll want the best insulated uniform vests for your dedicated staff, and they’ll enjoy our customized uniform vests featuring lightweight yet cozy insulation inside durable shells. Wrapped in our women's insulated vests, your employees will have a warm layer for cooler days.

For outdoor jobs, our insulated uniform vests are essential parts of your customized company uniforms. Not only warm women's insulated vests; our customized uniform vests are also a great way to boost your brand with your company logo prominently displayed.
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The North Face Women's Regular Ridgeline Soft Shell Vest, Custom Designed Outerwear

Customized Company Uniform Vests, Custom Print Logo Work Vests & Custom Embroidered Vests

Insulated uniform vests don't come any warmer or polished looking than ours. Innovative women's insulated vests, the business casual vests from our Squall® collection can also be added to other Squall® linings and shells for a fully customized uniform for any weather condition. We can customize uniform vests to include your company logo so that customers keep your brand in the forefront of their minds. Our customized work vests are also durable and packed with updated features.

Toasty and lightweight, our insulated uniform vests are perfect layers for outdoor jobs. Our women's insulated vests are also travel-ready uniform clothes when employees are on the road in colder climates.

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When you add our insulated uniform vests to your employee uniforms, you're adding warm layers to counter the elements.

With our insulated uniform vests, your team members will stay warm and focused during every shift. We know about making women's insulated vests that offer exceptional comfort because we're based in Wisconsin – home to severe winter weather, and where outerwear needs to be warm and protective. Ideal for layering, our customized uniform vests are lightweight yet cozy. So when wearing our customized work vests, your staff members won't feel like they're overheating.

Our insulated uniform vests keep your staff warm outdoors when temperatures start to cool, and they’re a great layer in freezing temps. Whether you need women's insulated vests for your construction, maintenance or other jobs, you'll discover the right vests for your hardworking team. We size our customized uniform vests so that every employee enjoys a just-right fit from day one. When you have customized work vests from our Squall® line, you can easily zip these pieces into other shells and linings for your uniform program.