5 Ways to Style the Basic White Cotton Tank Top

5 Ways to Style the Basic White Cotton Tank Top

Ah… the white cotton tank top! It is an iconic summer staple that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Let’s look at some great ways to style the basic white cotton tank top.

Instant Beach Cover-Up

For a quick and stylish beach cover-up, go for an oversized white cotton tank top. The right tank can work almost like a beach dress. Just add your favorite swimsuit and a great pair of shades for a fun look.

Another option with the white cotton tank top as a beach cover-up is to throw on a pair of shorts. This will do two things. You’ll have a bit more coverage, and you’ll also have an outfit that you can easily wear to the beach or from the beach to the boardwalk. Either denim or khaki can be nice neutrals with your white cotton tank top. Especially if you have a bright swimsuit underneath, you won’t want to add a lot more color to this combination.

Style With Jean Shorts and Sandals

If there is an outfit that says “summer” like no other, it’s a white women’s cotton tank top, jean shorts, and sandals.

If you like your jean shorts cut off or distressed, the good news is that you can buy them that way. You can also cut off and fray a pair of jeans or shorts that are a bit too long for the classic DIY version of these shorts. Although summer is more casual than the rest of the year, make sure that distressed jeans are acceptable where you plan to go in this outfit. Even in summer, restaurants have dress codes, and you wouldn’t want to have to come up with a plan B for dinner.

Top Off a Midi or Maxi Skirt

A white cotton tank top can be the perfect addition to a midi skirt or maxi skirt or any other style of women's skirts. This casual combination will make you want to walk barefoot on a beach or twirl to street music. Why not release your inner free spirit with this whimsical look?

An advantage of this look is how naturally cool it is. Especially if you choose cotton for your skirt, you will have the perfect warm-weather outfit. And of course, both separates can be paired with other garments in your closet to keep your look fresh. If you like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, make sure to include both a white cotton tank top and at least one long summer skirt. You’ll be glad you did.

Pair With a Cardigan

If you need a great business casual look, pair your white cotton tank top with a cardigan and either women’s jeans or a pair of neutral dress pants with flats or heels. The right cardigan can be beautiful, colorful (or not), and comfy while giving your white cotton tank top an upgrade of formality. Pair your favorite bright color or pastel cardigan with your white cotton tank top and black pants for a fun yet sophisticated look.

For a more conservative occasion, consider wearing a neutral cardigan that matches your pants. A black cardigan, white cotton tank top, and black pants is a great summer look that can take you from day to evening. One of the prettiest aspects of wearing a women’s cardigan is the different textures that this knitted garment can provide. From a more formal-looking finely knit sweater to a looser or more patterned texture, you can achieve endless varieties of visual interest.

Perfect Under a Blazer

If you need to stay more on the business side of a business casual look, consider topping your white cotton tank top with a blazer. Like the cardigan, but with sharper, more business-like lines, this combination will look perfect with a pair of black dress pants. Add a couple of pieces of classic neutral-colored jewelry, and you’ll be ready for that important meeting or social occasion.

Colorful blazers can also be fun with your basic white cotton tank top! If you go for a bright blazer like red or fuchsia, balance your white cotton tank top with black pants and black shoes for a polished look. A medium-weight red blazer can look just as sharp in summer as it does during the holidays—just stay away from obvious summer fabrics like linen or obvious winter fabrics like wool if you opt for an “all-season” blazer and make sure you will be in an air-conditioned environment where this will be comfortable. Red is also considered to be a “power color.” Many women prefer to wear a red blazer when making important presentations at work as it draws the eye to it while looking strong at the same time.

Enjoy styling your basic white cotton tank top this summer!


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