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Men's Swim Shirt

Rash Guard Men

When you're looking for a new men's swim shirt, visit Lands' End to find an option that fits your style and keeps you comfortable. Men' rash guard shirts are designed for swimming, whether you're relaxing on the beach or heading to the pool. You can also wear a men's rash guard as a cover-up before you hop in the water. Keep your upper body covered to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun without the need to continually apply greasy sunscreen.

Some people like to wear men's rash guard shirts even when they're not swimming. The material helps to pull moisture away from your skin, keeping you more comfortable when you're mowing the lawn or spending time outdoors in the sunshine. A rash guard men shirt was originally designed to protect the skin beneath a wetsuit for surfers. Even if you're not taking your board out on the open sea, you can still wear a men's rash guard shirt to take advantage of some of the same benefits.

To find the best men's swim shirts, visit Lands' End. The collection of men's swim tops includes men's short sleeve rash guard options, men's rash guard long sleeve options, and sun shirt men's styles. You'll find rash guards for men in a wide range of sizes.

A rash shirt men's also helps to prevent the discomfort that comes from chafing when you're in a wet top. With a Lands' End men's long sleeve rash guard swim shirt in your beach bag, you'll be ready for any adventure.

As you're shopping the selection of men's rash guard swim shirts, you can also find a variety of other apparel options for every occasion. Pair your men's long-sleeve swim shirt or men's rash guard short sleeve with a new men’s swimsuit for your next beach vacation or trip to the swimming pool. You can even find men’s polo shirts, sweaters, and shirts for men when you shop at Lands' End to complement your wardrobe.