4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Warm on Their Way to School

4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Warm on Their Way to School

Whether you have tykes, tweens, or teens, you want to keep your kids warm on their way to school. Let’s look at some easy options to keep your kids comfy no matter the winter weather.

Love Those Layers

Layering is one of the smartest options you have for keeping your kids warm on their way to school. If their school building tends to be chilly, start with long underwear. If not, choose pants and tops that will work well as a first layer. Cotton is a great choice because it feels soft next to their skin and helps trap a warm layer of air, while remaining breathable. If you're dealing with true Wisconsin winter weather, consider a second layer like a sweatshirt and snow pants. If not, just go for a warm winter coat, boots, and a hat and gloves for kids’ outerwear.

If you have little ones, try to keep the closures on their outerwear easy to navigate. Most school aged kids are adept at zippers and Velcro, but the simpler the better. Also be aware if hoods or strings are safety issues. The more you can streamline getting layered up, the better. Organize your entryway or mudroom for easy access with a boot tray, coat hooks at their height, and cubbies for hats, gloves, and mittens. It makes everyone’s day brighter when the kids are bundled up and out the door on time for school.

Fleece Is Your Friend

Fleece is your friend when it comes to keeping your kids warm. It's soft, cozy, warm, and even though it's a synthetic fabric, it still breathes. Because it’s so soft and comes in fun colors, kids of all ages like fleece. Make sure to have a kids’ fleece jacket in their wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at the mileage you can get out of a cozy fleece. They’ll wear it for crisp fall weather, winter layering, chilly spring days, and indoors whenever they want another layer to be comfy. Most schools have hot and cold spots, so versatile clothing is a great option.

Unlike adult outerwear, kids’ outerwear needs regular washing. We may be able to get by with only washing a winter jacket a couple of times a season, but if it's a daily garment, plan on weekly washing for the little ones. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions with respect to laundering for best results. This is also why it's a great idea to buy machine washable outerwear to save both money and time running to the dry cleaner. Fleece is easy. Just wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (ideally by itself or with other fleece garments). If you throw it in the dryer, choose the lowest heat possible and just get the moisture out. Then you can hang it up to dry the rest of the way. High heat and friction from washing and tumble drying can both cause your fleece to pill.

Hoodies Are Hip

If you buy your kid one outerwear garment in addition to a winter coat, make it a kids’ hoodie. They are wonderfully versatile, and the kids think they’re cool, so even your teenager who “doesn’t think it’s that cold outside” will grab their hoodie on the way out the door. Isn’t it great when they like what's good for them?

Hoodies are perfect for layering. They can wear anything from a tank top to a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath one, as well as wearing a hoodie underneath their winter coat. Most teens consider hoodies to be a year-round garment, so make sure that they have a few to choose from in neutral colors in addition to any favorite pop colors that they have. Even in the summer hoodies are handy if the evening gets chilly or the air conditioning is strong. When traveling, you can roll them up and stash them in a backpack or use them as a makeshift pillow.

Hats and Gloves and Mittens—Oh My!

Winterwear wouldn’t be complete without kids’ hats, gloves, and mittens. If you've ever been stuck somewhere without a pair of gloves when you need them, you know that you don’t want your kids to have that experience. When buying winter coats, it’s a great idea to buy each kid two pairs of identical gloves or mittens. In addition to checking the lost and found, if they lose one you can pull out a new one for them (and have a 50% chance of doing the same thing again if they lose another one).

Snow boots are key! You can’t be warm if your feet are cold. Make sure that you start the winter with a new pair of snow boots for each kid so they're ready for all of the winter fun and warm on their way to school each day.

With a bit of planning, keeping your kids warm on their way to school is easy. Have a wonderful winter!


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