7 Vacation Ideas for Your Upcoming Girls’ Getaway

7 Vacation Ideas for Your Upcoming Girls’ Getaway

You’re planning a girls’ getaway? Fun! Whether your crew wants to lounge on a beach, enjoy the culture of a new city, or enjoy the great outdoors together, Lands’ End has your back. Let’s look at some great spots for your upcoming girls’ getaway.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you and your gals love great cuisine, jazz, and gorgeous architecture, New Orleans is for you. You can enjoy everything from a walking food tour to historic sites to vibrant nightlife in this city of winding streets and centuries-old culture. If you like the idea of guided tours, make sure to book them in advance. However, many tourists love just walking and exploring this beautiful city. Grab your walking shoes and a pair of women’s shorts, and your favorite T-shirt, and you’ll be set for the day.

Chicago, Illinois

If you prefer a northern city, consider beautiful Chicago. Chock full of museums from the Chicago Art Institute to the Museum of Science and more, you could spend an entire week just soaking in the beauty and knowledge. The Shedd Aquarium is fabulous, as is Navy Pier (Hello, shopping!). You can see the sights all day and then enjoy an evening river cruise or hit the night spots.

For an easy outfit to take you from sight-seeing and then out to dinner, consider your favorite women’s jeans and a white blouse. You can dress this ensemble up or down and look and feel great either way.

Portland, Maine

Are you looking for both all the great things that a city has to offer and just be minutes from great outdoor recreational areas (which are free!)? Consider Portland, Maine. You can enjoy a vibrant arts culture, dine on delicious seafood, and perhaps add a new favorite city to your travels. Read up on Portland in advance, and bring your favorite hiking shoes and backpack to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Did someone say, “beach vacation”? The most popular thing to do while visiting Cabo is to lounge on the beach. Hanging on the beach with your besties is also the perfect opportunity to relax, get away from it all, and talk to your heart’s content. You’ll want to take plenty of photos if you go to Cabo. The ocean views are breathtaking, and they make for fun social media posts, too.

San Diego, California

Do you prefer a beach that is (a bit) closer to home? Consider San Diego. You can play in the Pacific Ocean, go hiking in the nearby mountains and enjoy all that the city has to offer, including its microbreweries. If you’ve never been to San Diego before, it will no doubt become one of your favorite cities in the States. It’s gorgeous. So… pack that favorite tankini or one-piece swimsuit and get ready for a great time.

Golf or Tennis Getaway

Do you all love to play golf or tennis? Why not consider a girls’ getaway built around your favorite pastime? With a bit of planning, you can have all the golf or tennis that you could ever want and your favorite gals. When looking at destinations, make sure to explore fees and reservation requirements.

You’ll want to double-check your destination for dress codes, but a neat women’s polo shirt and shorts will take you almost anywhere for golf or tennis. You can probably enjoy casual dining in them, too. Just be sure to pack a dressier outfit if you prefer more of a white tablecloth experience for dinner.

DIY Nearby

Looking for something even closer to home? All you need for a girls’ getaway is your girls and a spot to go. Maybe camping at a nearby state park or just renting a hotel or house for a weekend and exploring favorite sites nearby could be great. Are there museums, theaters, or restaurants within driving distance that you just don’t have the time to visit? Make an occasion out of it!

Make sure to protect your time before you pack your women’s weekender bag. Are you the family member, friend, or coworker who always helps? Perhaps because you’re labeled as single, “child-free,” a stay-at-home-mom, or an empty nester? If so, make sure to let people know that you will be on vacation. Your mom may need to find a different ride to the doctor for her check-up. Your partner may need a contingency plan to get the kids to soccer practice if they need to work late. You may need to explain in advance that you will have limited access to email and delegate tasks for work. Do your best to protect your time away. You will come back more refreshed if you do.

Enjoy your girls’ getaway!


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