4 Plus Size Dresses for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

4 Plus-Size Dresses for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

You’re going to an outdoor summer wedding? How fun! Let’s look at some great plus-size dress options to keep you looking and feeling great from start to finish at the outdoor summer wedding.

Fit is Key

If it’s been a while since you have gone plus-size dress shopping, start with the measurements for your current curves. Even if you think you know your correct size, this is a good idea. Our bodies change in all kinds of ways, so start with your bust, waist, and hip measurements, but also include your upper arm, thigh and calf measurements, as well as your height and weight.

Women who look great in their clothes are women who wear clothes that fit. According to Hollywood lore, many classic movie stars would go through as many as six fittings per dress for the iconic outfits they wore. Most of us will never have the time for this (much less the alterations budget) but getting the best size to begin with and having it altered to fit our beautiful curves as necessary is something we all deserve.

A Strong Foundation

It’s a great idea to wear the foundation garments that you plan to wear with the dress when you initially try it on. That way, you will get a much better sense of how the dress will look at the wedding and whether the dress in the mirror is a keeper or you should keep looking for just the right one for the wedding. For an outdoor wedding, bear in mind that you will want to stay cool. Simple panties and a bra will probably be your coolest option.

To wear shapewear or not to wear shapewear? That is the question. If you like the smoother lines or tucked-in feeling that a body shaper can give you underneath your plus-size clothing, go for it. Shapewear should never be considered a requirement for any type of outfit. However—the people who promote that idea are probably selling shapewear—lol. Wear what you want to wear to feel comfy and beautiful.

Fit and Flare Dress

For an outdoor summer wedding, you may want to skip the bodycon dresses. Unless the wedding is in a decidedly cool climate, you will feel comfier and more relaxed with a little air circulation between your skin and your dress. A silhouette that skims your body from the waist up and falls gracefully from the waist down in either a straight line or A-line will be much easier for walking, sitting, and dancing in the summer heat.

A plus size fit and flare dress will give you a graceful silhouette that is also practical. Are you the helpful family member or friend who will be carrying stuff or helping with the kids? Maybe you plan to dance to the wee hours of the morning? A plus-size fit and flare dress will allow you to move with ease while looking great.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are all the rage. They can be perfect for a summer outdoor wedding because they are beautiful, lightweight, and graceful. Why not try a plus-size maxi dress?

If you like the idea of having a summer capsule wardrobe, a plus-size maxi dress can be a great choice for your capsule. This easy breezy look can go from day to evening and is perfect for a summer dinner out.

Black Dress

There was a time when wearing a black dress to a wedding was considered inappropriate, but no more! Buying a new plus-size black dress to wear to the outdoor summer wedding would be a great wardrobe addition. Every woman needs a great black dress in her wardrobe. It’s one of the most versatile pieces that you can own.

The “Not a Dress Dress”

Most of us think of wearing a dress when we go to a wedding. However, the right pants and top can be just as dressy and stylish. If you don’t prefer to wear dresses or you would just like a little variety, consider a pair of wide-legged pants (think palazzo pants) and a matching or coordinating plus-size tunic top. This can be a great look, especially for summer.

A monochrome outfit from head to toe in black, navy, white, or a fun color of your choice can be a great ensemble. If you go with this option, a pair of elegant flats can finish the look (and be easier for dancing than those sky-high heels). Either matching your shoes to your outfit or going a shade darker in a neutral shoe will create a finished “frame” for this one.

Have fun at the outdoor summer wedding in your beautiful plus-size dress!



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