6 Fun Summer Staycation Ideas for The Whole Family

6 Fun Summer Staycation Ideas for The Whole Family

Are you thinking about a summer staycation this year? They can be relaxing, fun, and even better than a destination vacation. Let’s look at some summer staycation ideas for the whole family.

Backyard Camping Staycation

If you have an outdoorsy family (and even if you don’t), this can be a fun option. Camping in the backyard is like a backyard cookout with the option of sleeping under the stars. Because you will be mere steps away from the great indoors, you have many options for a backyard campout. You can pitch a tent and go for the full experience or check the weather and sleep in sleeping bags under a pergola or the night sky. Whatever you choose, sharing time outdoors disconnected from electronics and cooking, eating, playing games, and sharing stories will make this a wonderful family experience.

If you have little ones, this can be a great first camping adventure. You can even help them “pack” a backpack with favorite things like stuffed animals, books, and a flashlight for reading. Older kids often think that a backyard campout sleepover with friends is great fun. The easiest part of a backyard campout is if inclement weather strikes or a tenderfoot decides that they prefer their own bed, you can always move indoors.

Movie Marathon Staycation

This one is a natural choice for a staycation. Does your family have Trekkies, Harry Potter fans, or Marvel movie fans? Perhaps you enjoy classic film noir or B movies that are so bad they’re comical. With streaming services and movies you already have on hand, chances are you can whip up a marathon from prequels to sequels, no matter your cinematic tastes.

If they can sleep in the next day, consider letting the little ones stay up extra late. Sometimes it’s nice to be the “fun parent” for a change instead of the one who tells them to eat their vegetables and clean their rooms. Break out the throw blankets and start making some popcorn for a movie marathon!

Board Game Bonanza Staycation

Why not enjoy a multigenerational board game bonanza? Break out the games and show the little ones how it was done before iPads existed. If you don’t have favorite board games already, this is one of the most economical forms of family entertainment you can find. One trip to a big box store that sells them, and you’ll be set. If you’re staying up late, keep it comfy with family pajamas. This could make for some fun staycation pics to share, too.

Create in the Kitchen Staycation

Why not get creative in the kitchen on a staycation? This restaurant doesn’t have a dress code, so you can cook in your flannel robe and slippers.

You can make favorite recipes or try out new ones. Why not have “Christmas in summer” and get out those beloved holiday recipes? Unless you have teens or older kids who are safe to use kitchen tools like knives, the adults will need to lead this activity, but home chefs need little sous chefs to help! Whether it’s rolling out cookie dough, putting already cut-up ingredients into a bowl, or decorating a cake, let go of the need for perfection and let everyone join in the fun. You could even have a chef competition with prizes. Just make sure that everyone gets to participate and has fun.

Staycation for a Special Celebration

What about a special staycation week or weekend for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday? Home can be the best place to indulge in your favorite pastimes, whether that’s snuggling with your sweetheart, making s’mores in the backyard because they are the birthday child’s favorite, playing with the dog, playing games, or enjoying a candlelight dinner on the deck or patio with outdoor furniture.

Ah… Spa Staycation

A spa staycation? Yes, please! We all deserve a spa staycation. A spa staycation can be just what the doctor ordered— and by creating a spa staycation, you won’t have either the expense or stress of traveling to a spa. Make a pre-spa shopping list that will include skincare, haircare, and nail care products for everyone in the fam who will be participating. With one shopping trip (online or brick-and-mortar), you can get everything you will need.

You’ll want to focus on creature comforts like luxurious bath products, essential oils, candles, big fluffy bath towels, and a comfy bathrobe. Whether you’re giving yourself a DIY pedicure, relaxing with your partner, or teaching the whole crew how to exfoliate with brightly colored facial masks, a spa staycation can be a great way to unwind. Plan fun and easy meals and snacks for your spa staycation, too!

Enjoy your summer staycation with the whole family!


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