Winter Work-From-Home Styles for Men

Winter Work-From-Home Styles for Men

Working from home sounds like a dream, and it definitely can be if you set yourself up for success. There are a few hurdles to jump through first, however, like carving space out that's just for you. Figuring out what to wear so you feel at home, but still look professional enough to take a work call at a moment's notice, is your next big step.

Especially during cold winter months, it can be tempting to spend your days at home in the coziest of men's loungewear. However, for most people, it definitely pays off to dress for success. Here are some styles to try out as you settle into your workplace in the wintertime.

Sweater Weather

Everyone uses the thermostat in their homes differently. Some people crank up the heat the moment the temperature dips a degree, while others like to wait until they see their breath from the cold air to heat the house. Even then, some homes rest at 78 degrees all winter, and others take it to an easy 64 degrees with everyone inside joyfully bundling up and snuggling together.

If you can comfortably wear a sweater in the house without getting too hot, you should definitely try a sweater routine for your work-from-home style. You can be wearing your favorite garage band T-shirt underneath, or anything else really, and that's the beauty of it. Just throw on a men's cashmere sweater and you'll look refined and put-together. Cashmere is a great option for a work-from-home sweater, with its breathable and natural fibers ensuring you won't even sweat the small stuff. Plus, the soft and cozy feel of cashmere will keep you feeling calm and comfy all day long.

If you want to be sure your entire outfit is work-appropriate, pair your sweater with a dark straight leg jean and you'll look sharp and feel chic. However, if you're not going to be moving around during any video calls, grab a pair of sweats and stay comfortable all around.

Take it Easy

If you're not a sweater guy, go for a traditional button-down and collared shirt to maintain that classic feeling of professionalism. A men's easy care shirt is perfect for any workday, but especially if you're at home. It's wrinkle-resistant, so if the kids are at home too and you go in for a little lunchtime playtime, you'll be all set for that video call with the boss at the drop of a hat. These shirts also have stain release, which makes laundry day just a little bit easier.

For those moments that are more serious, like a formal presentation over video, you can quickly grab your favorite men's tie to show that your head's still in the game, and then pull it off once your call ends. Keep it dapper in a cool pair of corduroy pants with an elastic waist for that hidden touch of comfort. You'll look smart and serious, but you'll get enough stretch that you can comfortably flop on a couch for a moment or chase the kids around for a bit without feeling restricted.

Leg Days

Tops are definitely the priority here since they're what everyone sees in your morning meetings or during planning calls when you're on video. But dressing for success while working from home isn't just about appearances. While it definitely pays to show your boss, colleagues, or employees that you take your job seriously, dressing up like you're going to work (or close to it) can impact the way you approach your day.

A work outfit isn't complete without a good pair of pants, and while we've mentioned jeans and corduroy, we've got a few others to offer up for your bottom half. From dress pants to khakis to your workout shorts, just be sure you can comfortably sit at your desk during the day. For the guy who runs cold, grab a pair of thermals to wear under your pants. Another option that will keep you warm? Flannel-lined jeans are an incredible way to stay toasty with that hidden lining making you feel like the champion you are.

Unless you really feel the need, we don't recommend wearing shoes when working from home. If you're still maintaining most of your professional attire, knocking the shoes off is an effortless way to say, "I'm home." To keep your feet warm in those winter months, be sure you've got some warm and cushioned socks or, better yet, men's slippers.

You'll have to figure out what works best for you. Some people feel as though they get sucked into couch mode if they're not wearing their normal workplace attire, so be mindful of your productivity and if it changes at all depending on what you're wearing. Still, if you're feeling a little down or extra tired, there's no shame in taking an off-day and lounging around in your pajamas. Just be sure to take care of yourself by eating breakfast, stretching, and getting your work done.

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