Best Rated Winter Coats for Women

Best Rated Winter Coats for Women in 2022

Despite the cold weather, winter does have its perks. For starters, there's nothing better than a cozy night in by the fire. Nor is there anything quite as soothing as a cup of mulled cider on a chilly day. Snow days can be inconvenient, but there are few things as fun as getting bundled up to explore and play in a fresh winter wonderland. New additions to wardrobes also come with a new winter season, which is precisely the reason to read this list of the best women's winter coats of 2022.

Picking a Coat Length

If you are out and about during the winter, you may have seen that coats come in varying lengths. There is the traditional coat that hits around your hips. Most people wear these for skiing and for other outdoor winter activities. So, you see these pop up in folk’s closets quite a bit.  A less common but popular coat that you may not have tried is the maxi coat. If you haven’t tried or heard of maxi coats, they are longer coats that land in varying lengths onto your thighs or even below the knee, in some cases. These coats are mega-popular because they keep your legs and body warm.  They can be styled with any kind of pants too. So, they are a versatile option, if you’re looking for a coat that covers more of your body.

What will your Coat be Used for?

Something else to keep in mind, while shopping for a jacket is what you’ll be doing when you’re wearing it. There’s a big difference in features between a Lands' End rain jacket and a Lands' End winter coat. If you’re looking for something with very little insulation but will keep you dry when it’s raining, your best bet is one of our waterproof rain jackets. Being waterproof when you’re in wet elements is key to staying warm. However, if you’re looking for a jacket that’s ready to hit cold temperatures and maybe even some snow and ice, you’ll do better with a Lands' End women’s winter coat. To take it a step further, there are even waterproof winter jackets for extra warmth and protection from wetness. There are so many cuts and colors to pick from, you’re sure to find something you love.  

Brighten up Dreary Winter Days

An easy pick-me-up on dreary days where the sky hangs low and gray is a statement jacket that does double duty. Women's winter coats come in an array of colors with unlimited potential, but the Magenta Berry is the perfect hue to combat all those winter blues. While there will be days this season where you'll be craving the summer sun, in the meantime, you can channel a tropical flower with a jacket that looks like a blooming hibiscus and keeps you as warm as the sun in July. This jacket also features 

Coats for Harsh Winters

Let's say your winters are spent in the Northeast, which means you're really in the thick of it. Freezing rain, full-on blizzards, and incomparable wind chill are your seasonal norms. So for added insulation, discover the endless cold weather possibilities with the Women's Super Squall 3-in-1 Jacket. Not only will you feel fearless when it comes to facing winter's wrath, but you'll also find comfort — literally — in a water-resistant inner shell that's made from durable polyester featuring zonal insulation.  These jackets are designed to 

Lighter Coat Options

When the vibe outside is a white-out winter storm, but your mood is stuck somewhere along a rugged coastal shoreline on a summer day, find yourself in a winter jacket for women that channels the summer sun. With a HyperDRY™ down composition that's specially designed to keep you warm and toasty, you'll feel like you're experiencing an endless summer even in the depth of winter.

Full Coverage Coats

When you're really ready to commit to the season, get fully zipped into a women's long down coat. In an assortment of colors and sizes that feature a faux fur hood, this is the perfect women's winter coat. Capable of combating even the coldest extremes of the season, you'll feel practically invincible.

Coats for Late Winter

If you're lucky enough for a day that hovers around the 50-degree mark — and maybe even offers a glimpse of sweet sunshine — then it's time to reach for a lighter jacket. For days on the warmer side and even for the inevitable rainy day, classic women's raincoats are always smart to have at the ready.

Coats for Daily Wear

Winter's no walk in the park, and yet a walk in the park is sometimes a part of your everyday life. And when the weather changes, it's highly likely that routines do not. Opt for a winter coat that keeps up with you and your daily schedule, so that from daycare drop-off to your commute to and from work and anywhere in between, you'll stay warm and dry no matter the occasion. A women's winter parka gets the warmest temperature rating, ready to keep you warm from -35º to -5ºF. Plus, being completely waterproof means it will stand up to the test of less than ideal winter weather — like pesky sleet and white-out blizzards, too.

Coats for When Things Are Warming Up

Sometimes, keeping warm during a major cooldown goes beyond having the right top layer; after all, it's just as much about what's underneath the big shell of a winter coat. Having a classic fleece jacket nearby means that you have a functional, stylish, and ultra-cozy layering piece that allows for added warmth. Without being overbearing or bulky, you'll find easy movement when wearing it under coats and especially when worn on its own. A casual piece that pairs well with your favorite pair of denim and your snow pants on the slopes, you'll have the answer to every winter scenario with the layers that pull your whole look together.

Don’t wait until next year to snag your Lands’ End women’s winter coats!


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