Women's slippers: what you need to know.

You might be searching for the next great pair of women's slippers or you may be a first timer looking for new luxury. Time and time again they've helped you avoid the cold hardwood floors in the winter months. Your kids play the lava game constantly because you told them "the slippers will keep your feet safe from the lava." Who knows how long that'll last, but you know they're at least thinking twice about running around in slippery socks. Your dog even loves slippers. No, he's not wearing them like you but every so often he'll bring you one because he can tell how much you appreciate them. Good boy.

When you're looking for slippers that will last for as long as those hardwood floors, you want to find the right ones, so here's what you need to know.

What slippers are the best?

Let's be honest: the best slippers are easy to put on, are comfortable, and durable. You want a pair that you automatically look to when you have to grab the mail but you don't want to lace up your shoes. A surefire option would be these suede moccasin slippers. Who cares if everything in the mailbox is junk mail? These slippers are amazing.

What slippers should you wear at home?

Any slippers can be worn at home but you should look for ones that you will want to spend an entire day in. Sure there are the "for inside house only" slippers which don't necessarily need the rough and tumble sole, but there are also the more hybrid slipper for when you need to step outside. Depending on the house rules you could find these flannel lined canvas slippers to be great for in home use, while the Suede Shearling Moc Slippers could be better for the indoor/outdoor use.

What size slippers should I buy?

Look to your shoe size for some guidance. Are you a size 8? Your choice slipper will be a size 8. Are you a size 8.5? Aim for one size up…that 9 would be a better fit. If you get a size smaller than your usual size, there's a likelihood that those back-heeled slippers turn into heel-less slippers.

How should slippers fit?

You may be wondering, "should slippers be loose or snug?" While Goldilocks never got to the slippers, she would probably say "not too roomy, not too snug." Really, they ought to conform to the length and width of your foot without being too constricting. You remember wearing your Dad's slippers around the house, looking goofy but still comfortable? Funny at the time, but a right fit will do you good. Plus, the last thing you want is to slide into slippers that don't feel comfortable. Give the Sherpa Fleece Clog Slippers a go if you really want to apply the Goldilocks standard to a great slipper.

What are slippers made of?

Depending on the slippers, they could be made of sheepskin, suede, Sherpa fleece, velvet, cotton, and more. The inside is a different material as well where you could be looking at flannel, shearling, fleece, faux fur anything of the like. Generally, the outsole will be rubber and keep your slippers from the slipping. Check out the Shearling Bootie Slippers for that all around practical and soft feel.

What are slippers used for?

Many people enjoy slippers after arriving home, having no urge to track all the dirt and grime from sneakers and boots inside. You never really know where the bottom of a boot has been so it's best to be safe than sorry. A quick switch over to slippers can welcome you inside and really help you take a load off. Not only are slippers great for getting around the house and going about chores, they also make excellent spider smashers.

Are slippers good for your feet?

Slippers aren't typically made for the same reasons as work shoes, so if you're planning on wearing these every single day for 8 hours, you will want to find the right cushioned pair. It's true that having warm comfortable feet can help keep the rest of your body warm. When you're looking for that relief from the cold at the beginning and end of a day, the rest of your body will love those slippers.

Why should you wear slippers in the house?

Wearing slippers in the house not only keeps your toes all nice and warm, it's also good to wear when you have slippery floors, preventing any random accidents while you're going from one place to the next in socks. These suede ballet slippers can have you floating across the entire house like you were auditioning for The Nutcracker. Better grip on your slippers is especially a good idea when you have wooden stairs in your house. Good grip, better safety.

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