Men's Flannel Pajamas

Men's Flannel Sleepwear

Men's Flannel Sleepwear

Flannel Pajamas for Men

Nothing says “warmth” and “comfort” better than flannel pajamas. Wrap up the end of one day with a look and feel that will help you get a start on the next one with flannel pajamas for men.

Ready to peel off the day and put it behind you? Get out of that workwear and kick back in pure comfort with a look that says you’re done with your commitments for the day and are ready for some "me time." Shed your “have to” because you’ve earned some “want to.”

Men’s Flannel Pajamas

Keep the cold where it belongs, outside and off your skin. Wrap yourself in warmth on even the coldest winter evenings when wearing mens Christmas pajamas. Made of ring-spun cotton, men’s flannel pajamas are strong, durable, and—because it’s brushed on both sides—exceptionally soft. So whether you’re kicking back on the couch watching the game, or heading to bed, men’s flannel sleepwear is an ideal choice.

Flannel men’s pajamas include functional features like side pockets placed on-seam to hide them away a bit. A hidden button makes the fly usable yet secure. They’re available in regular, big, big and tall, and tall sizes, and with elastic waistbands that adapt to your unique body type and your every movement, there’s something here for everyone.

Flannel sleepwear for men isn’t just for sleeping. It’s all about relaxation, really. So pair some PJ bottoms with a flannel pajama top. Some feature a chest pocket and button closure for a classic look and feel. Mix and match with men’s T-shirts for an easy base layer. Men's hoodies make an easy outer layer that works even if you have to step outside briefly for something.

Men’s flannel pajamas make a great gift, and they’re available in solid colors that match well with anything. Choose from classic plaid for a traditional look that’s always on-trend, or look for fun patterns that help show a little personality. You might not even mind waking up to the snow outside if you’re wrapped up in such cozy flannel sleepwear and a mens robe.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you care about, do so in confidence, knowing Lands’ End’s sterling reputation for quality apparel and customer service.