Women’s Must-Have Shorts for Warm Weather

Must-Have Women's Shorts for Warm Weather

Gone are the days when shorts were only to be worn for outdoor activities such as amusement parks or spending the day at the beach. With the modern-day pair of women’s shorts, you can go from a day look to the perfect outfit for a night on the town. If you’re planning on going out of town for endless summer trips, shorts are another perfect essential because they are not only versatile, but they are also small and lightweight making them the most convenient wardrobe piece to pack in your suitcase when “traveling light.” If you love shorts as much as we do but have no idea how to make them fashionably chic, we’ve got a few ideas we’re sure you’re going to love. 

Linen shorts

Linen is a must-have fabric to own during the summer season because of its ability to keep you cool, especially when spending a lot of time outdoors. Whether it’s tops, dresses, shorts, skirts or pants, if you can stock up on linen during the summer, we recommend that you do. Also, because linen is such a classic, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. You'll be able to wear your linen pieces for at least a few summers. Shorts especially can be dressed down or up depending on your mood. When paired with a tank top bodysuit and a pair of slide sandals, linen shorts give you a more casual look. If you take that same outfit and throw on a boyfriend-style blazer over it and switch the slides for some heels, you’ll be ready to hit the town for a late-night dinner with girlfriends or a date with your significant other. These short ensembles require minimal effort — which is also a bonus if you’re out of town because no one likes to take too much time getting ready when there are so many sights to see and people to visit. 

Bermuda shorts

When it comes to the perfect pair of shorts, Bermudas win by far. The reason it’s so hard to find a better pair of shorts is because of the cut, style and fit that these shorts provide. Women’s Bermuda shorts come in a low, mid and high-rise waist so that any body type can wear them and be comfortable. Because they are longer than shorts but shorter than capris, it makes them the perfect length to dress for any occasion, depending on the material. For example, when wearing them in denim, Bermuda shorts give off a casual look. However, when wearing them in a khaki material with a blazer, a button-up top and a pair of loafers, they produce a completely different look that’s appropriate for the office or a business meeting because it’s a lot more sophisticated.

Print shorts

Who doesn’t love a good pair of high-waisted shorts especially in a print such as floral now that it’s back in style. Depending on the material, you can wear these to a fancy party or dinner while also wearing them for a day at the park, a lunch date or sightseeing. Print shorts in a lightweight material such as rayon will keep you cool and comfy. When looking for the perfect print shorts, make sure to pay attention to details. Does it have faux pockets? Does it come with a wrap-around bow? Small details like these may be convenient for you or the opposite. If you love pockets, you may not want to sacrifice style over convenience. If you plan on wearing a statement belt, a bow may limit your choices when it comes to wearing them in different ways. You should also know that these types of shorts look better when the top is tucked in. 

Biker shorts

When it comes to lounging and running errands, the best type of shorts are biker shorts. Since biker shorts made their appearance in the fashion world, it’s been hard not to spot them. Women love these shorts because in a way they resemble athleisure wear such as the popular yoga pants. Biker shorts and yoga pants share a few common traits when it comes to comfort and style. You can find biker shorts in almost every material and style. Whether it’s spandex, cotton, rayon and viscose, the biker short also comes in a high rise or midrise to suck in any of those unwanted love handles. The best part about these shorts is that they look best with oversized T-shirts and hoodies, making your look-of-the-day even more comfortable. Yes, we just mentioned hoodies because summer tends to bring in those unexpected rainy days. As such keeping a good pair of biker shorts around with a lightweight hoodie will come in handy, especially when you’re out of town and need something warm but not too warm.

Again, because these types of shorts are so versatile when creating looks, don’t be afraid to splurge on a few pairs this summer. You’ll be wearing them again next summer or throughout the year if you live in warmer climates making them worth the investment. 


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