Complete Guide to Women’s Work Flats

Women’s Flats to Keep You Comfortable and Stylish at Work

When it comes to working long hours, whether it be on your feet or sitting in an office, not everyone has the luxury of wearing comfortable sneakers or sandals to work. Luckily, women’s flats are an easy way to pull off a polished and professional look without aching feet and uncomfortable heels.

Go as casual or dressy as you like in women’s flats with a variety of patterns and styles, from loafers and boat shoes to dainty ballet flats and espadrille shoes. You can pair flats with almost any outfit for a look that can rise to any occasion with comfort and style. Who says you can’t have both?

Here's the layout of our guide to work flats:

Ballet Flats

When it comes to versatile women's shoes few items are as loved and transitional as ballet flats. Wear these dainty flats with almost any outfit for a look that is sweet and yet still durable. With these, you can achieve the same appeal as high heels without the aching feet and uncomfortable foot placement. Most flats have supportive padding for comfort, and the soles have rubber grips for wet or snowy commutes. Better yet, ballet flats come in a variety of colors and prints, from solid to leopard print, so that you can jazz up an everyday outfit. Pair chic ballet flats in a bold print like leopard or red velvet with dark-wash skinny jeans that taper at the ankles with a crisp white button-down shirt for work on a more casual day. This look is elegant and classy but also exudes confidence and personality. Need something a bit more dressy? Simply swap out the denim for dress pants.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are a comfortable fashion statement. Made from suede or leather, these slip-on flats are the ultimate in comfort with soft and luxurious outer shells paired with a supportive and cushioned sole. Walk for hours in these extra preppy and polished shoes that were made to be active and chic. With their smooth lines and folded design, penny loafers are great for work. They look tailored and luxurious and come in all different colors, from bright and bold festive colors like red, orange, and green to very simple and classic hues like black or brown. Pair them with dress pants or white slacks for an understated look that is classic and confident. You’ll love these shoes for walking, commuting, and any other active adventure you face during the workday.

Customizable Espadrille Shoes

When it comes to flat shoes in the office, don’t substitute your personality and attitude for a professional style. Wear a work dress during summer with a pair of customizable espadrille shoes or pair them with white denim and a tunic for a more casual ensemble. Espadrilles are ultra-comfortable and have a light-hearted and playful vibe. The lightweight and supportive cushioned sole is complemented by a soft top with an embroidered design and a braided trim for a nautical flair that is appropriate for summer. Additionally, you can add a personalized monogram to the exterior of the shoe in a contrasting color to put a unique spin on traditional footwear.

Elastic Slip-On Flats

Rubber soles and soft cushioned insoles make these elastic slip-on flats so comfortable. The elastic stretch of the uppers makes them easy to slide on, and they fit the curve of your feet, giving you a personal fit that is comfortable all day long. Made with luxe soft leather or suede on the upper, these elastic slip-on flats look distinguished and luxurious without being too pretentious or rigid. These slip-ons can go from day to night and can be dressed up or down easily, matching perfectly with dark wash denim jeans or with light-colored dress pants.

All-Weather Flats

These flats are extremely durable and are best suited for those who work outside or are frequently commuting in wet weather. The all-weather moc shoes have thick rubber soles and durable uppers often made from leather to protect feet from any of the elements and to keep unwanted debris and dirt out. All-weather flats are strong, durable, and understated so that they can easily be worn to the office with slacks or women's jeans. If you work outside and are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes that will leave you feeling supported on your feet all day long, these are the perfect pair.

Comfortable Dress Flats

What would be considered a "dress" flat? Most flats are plain in design and are relatively low-profile. However, many flats are styled with bows and tassels, have a glossy finish, interesting textures, or make a bold statement with their color or pattern. If you're afraid of being accused of dressing overly casual (first of all, don't be), grab a pair with these features to finish off your dressy look.

Flats with Cushioned Soles

When you look at flats with cushioned soles, they begin to look a lot like shoes. The extra material needed to make us consider the sole "cushioned" means extra weight and height to the bottom of the flat. But who are we to say what constitutes a flat or a shoe? As with most clothing, the lines are certainly blurred. If the flat claims to be cushioned but from the profile, it still looks like a traditional flat, there's a good chance the cushion isn't as thick as you're looking for. If you really want cushioned flats, be prepared to compensate by having a thicker sole.


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