Why Every Woman Needs a Pair of Capris Pants This Spring

Why Every Woman Needs a Pair of Capri Pants This Spring

Celebrate the spring season with a cute pair of capri pants. Capris ring in the warm-weather season with their cropped legs and beautiful color palette. Perfect for both the boardroom and playtime, this spring fashion trend is a must-have this season. Here’s why you’ll need a great pair of capris for spring.

Stay Cozy with the Changing Seasons

The big benefit of capri pants is their ability to keep you warm while not bogging you down with heavy fabric or long lines. The cropped pant leg helps encourage airflow on warm days, though the coverage means you’ll still feel cozy even if there’s a slight chill in the air. Layer your tops to create a versatile look that’s ready to handle the changing weather of the season. Cute cardigans go well with capri pants since you can layer up without adding too much bulk. Wear a basic tee underneath so you don’t get too hot.

Get Adventurous

Capris are the perfect pant for all your springtime adventures. The calf-length leg is ideal for bike rides through the park or a springtime walk to smell those lovely tulip blooms. The cute cut makes pairing footwear a breeze. Couple your capri pants for women with cute flats, a thin-profiled tennis shoe, or your favorite pair of sandals for a fresh look to ring in the colorful season.

Get Colorful

Spring is all about putting away the muted colors of winter and welcoming the longer days with bright pops of color. Aim for capris that celebrate the season with pastels, whites, and bright colors that bring a smile to your face. Break out those sunny summer shirts to wear with your capris to create a warm, welcoming look.

Make a Splash

If you live by the water, you may be itching to dip your feet in after the thaw. Capris were actually originally invented to walk in ankle-deep water. So go ahead and make a splash on a warm spring day with a walk by your favorite shoreline. Women’s short-sleeve blouses complement the breezy look, creating a fun vibe that’s water-ready.

Stay Stylish

Say goodbye to mom pants and hello to fashion-forward designs that everyone will love. High-waisted capris command a room when paired with women’s blouses. Tie waists add a little extra accessorizing that goes well with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Don’t forget to add fun and flirty patterns with a basic top to create a warm, fun-filled look that’s suitable for any occasion. The flowy wide-leg capri is here to stay with its unique silhouette. Perfect for an afternoon on the town or the office, the wide leg offers a versatile look. Wide-leg capris with vertical striping elongate the legs and draw attention downward. Couple with a cute pair of loafers for a sophisticated, fashion-forward look.

Be Active

Say goodbye to those fleece-lined leggings as the snow begins to melt and stretch your legs with active capri pants. Stretchy capris make an excellent workout companion during the spring months. Look for an articulated knee and gusseted crotch for maximum mobility. Stretchy fabric that doesn’t lose its shape will keep you feeling comfortable and composed through any workout. Athletic capris are optimal for everything from yoga class to your morning run, thanks to their breathable, flexible fabric. Don’t be shy with colors and patterns. Get into the season with bold, bright colors to match the blooming flowers. Wear with your favorite workout tank to handle the newfound heat in your workout.

Best for Your Body Type

Our favorite part about capris is that they flatter any body type. Plus size capri pants are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe since they show off all your best assets. More athletic body types will enjoy the streamlined look of skinny capris. The on-trend wide leg is suitable for virtually any body type, creating a flowy, relaxed feel.

Capris are a must-have wardrobe item for the spring season because of their versatile uses. Don’t just snag one pair, look for a variety of different styles to suit your needs. This wardrobe staple never goes out of style, so you can wear capris every spring for a multipurpose, fashion-forward look that keeps you cozy with the changing weather.


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