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What to Wear for Your Next Office Presentation

Got a big presentation at the office? Style your outfit with confidence so you can land that big promotion or project you've always dreamed of. These business-friendly style tips are designed to help you look and feel confident and engage your audience's attention for your next business presentation.

Pencil Skirt and Jacket

When it comes to sophistication, you can't go wrong with a pencil skirt and suit jacket. This look commands respect with its simple, sleek look. Tie the look together with a bold-colored blouse that tucks into your skirt. For colder climates, keep things modest with turtlenecks in basic, plain colors. High waisted, knee-length skirts bring a refined edge to your business attire. Bring it all together with a dress coat that accentuates your waistline.

Style your hair up or down, but remember to keep everything refined and serious. You don't want people being distracted by fly always or too many hair accessories.

Pantsuits You Won't Hate

The classic pantsuit look always gets a professional job done in a pinch. But a pantsuit often leaves much to be desired in the way of fashion. However, today's pantsuits are loaded with style to create a sleek, professional outfit that doesn't bore people to sleep. Start with high-waisted, flared pants with a patent leather belt. Tie the look together with a blouse that has bold colors or patterns for a flashy touch.

Boldly patterned suits in herringbone and classic plaids are all the rage right now. These suits give a professional edge, but also don't bore your audience. For bold prints, keep blouses and women's sweaters basic to avoid clashing. Your presentation will go off with a bang when you wear high-powered patterns that command the room.

Confidence-Boosting Blouses

The perfect office presentation needs a blouse to match. Select styles based on your body type. Bustier women will want to accentuate their hour-glass shape with high-waisted pants or skirts and a flowy blouse to balance the look. Sportier women will love a fitted blouse to bring a mature look to the table. Whatever you do, avoid wearing excessively revealing clothing and instead focus on bringing your all to your work. Try not to go for plunging necklines (without a cami underneath) or clothing that you'll feel uncomfortable bending over in.

Tunics and Flats

For the more creatively inclined, a great look is to match the perfect women's tunic top in bold print with leggings to equalize the blocky look on top. This outfit screams creative professional, especially with footwear to match. Select either a pair of wedges or stylish flats to bring the look to life. Draw the eye in with a long, draping necklace that complements the length of the tunic. Overall, this look offers a more comfortable way to address a room without looking too casual. You have the option to either wear a basic tunic on top with patterned leggings on the bottom or vice versa. Alternatively, blocky colors work well with this look. Any way you choose, you're sure to present yourself professionally.

Stand Tall

Footwear can make or break your outfit. However, if you'll be giving a long presentation while on your feet for a long amount of time, comfort comes first. Wear footwear that has you feeling confident in your resolve to get the job done. That can be anything from a stiletto heel to a stylish ballerina flat. Heels work well for flowy pants, as they make you appear taller and leggier, while flats couple well with tight-fitted pants that stop at the ankle. Wedges are the optimal choice for almost any outfit. Their added support makes them more comfortable for all-day wear or extended periods of standing than a traditional stiletto. They also give you the height boost to appear tall and confident during your presentation.

Office-Ready Sweaters

Women's cashmere sweaters of all styles bring a professional vibe to your office attire. If you're giving a large presentation under the limelight, select a cotton sweater that provides plenty of style without the added warmth. When you're nervous, your body puts off excess body heat, so a wool sweater might not be the best choice if you're addressing a big crowd. Instead, opt for a cotton sweater that breathes better but still gives you that sophisticated look you seek. Wear a sweater instead of a suit jacket for your next presentation. It's a cozier way to still stay professional.

Nail your next big office presentation with a fashion-forward look that has you looking sharp and intelligent. That added boost of confidence will give you the gusto you need to get the job done.

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