Women's High-Waisted Shorts

High-Rise Shorts

High-Rise Shorts

Women’s High-Waisted Shorts

A hot day calls for a pair of women’s shorts that feel as good as it looks. Enter our collection of women’s high-waisted shorts. They’re made with comfort in mind, and it’s a difference you’ll feel as soon as you pull them on. No matter what this relaxed spring or summer day brings, you can bet your shorts will see you through it all in stride.

High-rise shorts stand apart from the rest precisely because they’re so comfortable. Designed to sit at your natural waist, they flatter your figure beautifully and feel incredible from top to bottom. What’s not to love about a pair of shorts that feels as great as it looks? Whether you prefer an athletic look, a casual look, or even something a little more polished, you’ll find just the right style to meet your needs in this mix.

The styling options are endless. Match one of your cute tank tops with a pair of these high-rise mom shorts and step into sneakers for a sporty look that’s ideal for anything from a walk in the park to an intense session at the gym. Try a plain white tee with denim shorts and sandals for a classic look. With these shorts in your closet, you’ll always have an instant outfit ready for any warm day.

High-Rise Shorts

Look for little details that set them apart from everyday shorts, too. Many of our high-waisted casual shorts feature antimicrobial properties and wick moisture from the skin, so you stay as fresh and dry as possible. That’s a big deal when you’re working in elevated temperatures. Some have ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) 50 built into them, offering a whopping 98% of coverage against powerful rays that could otherwise lead to skin damage.

Stretchy elastic waists make them especially easy to wear, too. There’s just nothing like throwing on your favorite women’s summer shirt, stepping into your high-waisted casual shorts, and heading out in nothing but pure comfort from top to bottom. This kind of style is downright irresistible—because ultimately, it’s definitely how you feel in your clothes that matters the most.

You’ll find these high-waisted loose shorts in an assortment of colors and lengths to easily complement your wardrobe. Inseams vary, so you can go for something a little shorter or more of a Bermuda length if you favor some extra coverage. Perfect for casual wear, lounging around the house, spring break, summer vacation, and errand runs, these shorts are perfect for adding some serious versatility to your wardrobe.