Women’s Athleticwear for Summer

Women’s Athleticwear for Summer

As the weather gets warmer and you start to transition from your spring wardrobe to your summer closet, you’ll want to take a look at your activewear options. You may think that activewear is seasonless, but even though activewear of all kinds can easily be styled both in and outside of the gym for year-round wear, it’s still important to know how to rock your athleticwear for the summer. When you’re working out this summer, here’s our list of lightweight and flexible fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable even when you’re breaking a sweat.

Capris and Crop Pants

You might call them capris. You might call them cropped pants. No matter what you call them, give your women’s yoga pants an upgrade this summer by getting yourself some new capris or cropped yoga pants. Whether you’re doing hot yoga in the studio or outside having fun goat yoga adventures on a farm, there are plenty of ways to style your yoga pants. Mix your pants with different fabrics, like a lace blouse. Accessorize with a baseball cap or layered necklaces.


We’re so glad that women’s workout leggings are here to stay. They’re comfortable. They’re practical. They can be worn for virtually any kind of workout. Wear workout leggings when you’re running. Wear them when you’re at the gym. Of course, you have to wear leggings when you’re doing your cycling class. Even when you’re not working out, you can dress up your leggings to look super sleek. Wear all back from head to toe like a black crop top, black leggings, and black sneakers. Add a light red windbreaker jacket to add a pop of color.

Polo Shirts

There’s something timeless about the polo shirt for athleticwear. Wearing a polo shirt goes beyond tee time at the golf range. You can wear it when you’re playing tennis. They’re perfect for wearing to the office, too. If you’re looking for a more casual vibe, try wearing a white polo with white denim and white sneakers when it’s hot outside.


When you want the look of a skirt but want the practicality of shorts, go for a skort. You can wear a skort for pretty much any athletic activity. Wear the skort on the tennis court. Wear it when you’re doing downward dog in confidence. Want to play a game of squash? Grab your skort. If you want to give a playful edge to your skort, balance out the look with an asymmetrical black top. When you’re not working out, try out different fabrics like a velvet tank top or mesh tee with your skort.


Sometimes we have so much fun swimming that we forget it’s also an excuse for us to wear some great athletic swimsuits. Our swimsuits are designed for stylish comfort. That way, you’ll be comfortable whether you’re lying on the beach and getting your tan on, surfing and catching waves, or jumping off the diving board. When you’re not working out, it’s easy to pair any of our swimsuits underneath jeans and an open button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Transition your swimwear look from the pool to the resort bar.

Rash Guards

No one wants to be itchy when they’re working out. If you plan on having fun in the sun this summer, you’re going to want to protect your skin from chafing and sunburns with rash guards. They’ll also help protect your body from the sun, but it’s about more than shielding your body from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re swimming in the ocean, you can help protect your body from unwanted ocean surprises like jellyfish, rocks, and coral. When you’re swimming in the deep blue, you’ll be covered in style.


The T-shirt is the essential workout top. Wear women’s T-shirts with shorts or skorts. Wear them with your workout leggings or yoga pants. You’ll stay nice and cool in a breezy white T-shirt. Showcase your personality when you’re working out with a graphic tee. When you’re not working out, it’s fun to layer shirts with a denim jacket for a laid-back and casual look.

Tank Tops

While a T-shirt is a great workout top, a tank top is even better for the summer. If you’re doing an outdoor workout or if you’re planning on breaking a serious sweat, you’re going to want to wear a tank top. Wear one that’s loose and flowy so it’ll move with you, like our breathable women’s cotton tank tops will.

When it comes to deciding what you want to wear for the summer, let your personality shine. If you want to go bold, wear bright neons. If you prefer a more minimalist style, stick to neutrals like white and tan. When in doubt, nothing looks chicer than all black. The best part is that any of your athleticwear for the summer doesn’t have to be just for the summer or just for working out either.


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