4 Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas

4 Winter Date Night Outfit Ideas

Date night is a great way to get some quality time with your partner and take a break from the regular schedule. Whether you prefer to have date night at a fancy restaurant, want to try the new local watering hole, have a movie in mind that you can't wait to see, or prefer to return to your standby sushi place again and again (absolutely no judgment there, we get it!) one thing that's true about all date nights is that you have to pick an outfit for it. Regardless of the venue, you might want to dress up a bit on date night, or at least ensure that whatever you're wearing is aligned with the setting—especially if it's a nicer restaurant that has a dress code—and that it's something you feel confident and comfortable in.

The weather is nothing factor to consider when picking a date night outfit, especially for winter. But, beyond just choosing an outfit you feel great it, you'll also need to pick a look that's seasonally on point, and that'll keep you warm enough. Read on for four outfit ideas that'll have you covered for your next winter date night.

A Tunic with Straight Leg Jeans

This simple yet stylish and on-trend outfit will quickly become one of your date night go-to's (kind of like that sushi place where they already know your order!). This outfit is perfect if the date venue or plan is somewhat more casual, but you still want to look a little dressed up. This outfit is also comfortable and guaranteed to keep you warm, as long as you bring along a jacket layer for the walk to and from the car.

Start this outfit with a seasonally-appropriate tunic top, like a super-soft Supima cotton turtleneck tunic in navy or heather gray. Pair this top with your trendiest straight-leg jeans, some stylish ankle booties like black Chelsea boots, and complete the look with some subtle drop earrings. You can always add an infinity scarf to this look if you need the added warmth, so be sure to think ahead once you know where you're heading.

A Cashmere Sweater with a Skirt

If you need a look that's a bit dressier than jeans and a tunic top, a cashmere sweater and skirt combo might be just what you're looking for. This is really a timeless outfit, and you'll love the feeling of cloudlike cashmere as you enjoy the night out.

We love cashmere for date nights because it'll keep you warm without feeling bulky at all. While you can add a jacket layer if needed, you can also layer your women's cashmere sweater over a button-down Oxford layer or even a thermal layer; however, this likely won't be necessary if you're heading to a restaurant with a good heating system. Regardless of how you rock your cashmere sweater, this material adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Pair your sweater with an a-line thigh-length skirt, a pencil skirt, or a silky midi skirt, depending on what you're most comfortable in. Of course, you'll want to add some tights to the mix, and you can complete this outfit with anything from booties to ballet flats.

A Sweater Dress with Tights

When it comes to winter date nights, especially ones that require you to get a bit more dressed up, you really can't go wrong with a sweater dress. Sweater dresses provide all of the comforts of your favorite sweater while also offering up all of the style points of your snazziest dress, which makes it a perfect option for a cold-weather evening out. Opt for a black long sleeve sweater dress with a crew neckline and pair this cozy dress with black, navy, or textured tights. Complete this look with heeled ankle booties, Chelsea boots, or stylish loafers, an infinity scarf, and a duster if you need an outer layer. With a red lip and some gold drop earrings, there's nowhere you can't take this look!

A Blouse and Dress Pants

This date night outfit idea is perfect if you have to head straight from the office to your date; it works just as well for a board meeting as it does for trying that new Italian restaurant with great reviews. Start this outfit with a stylish women's blouse, as an elegant bracelet sleeve blouse top in navy or subtle peony pink. Once you have your blouse picked out, pair it with some dress pants, like high-rise wide-leg slacks or a pair of classic black chinos. Complete the look with mules, loafers, or kitten heels.

These date night outfit ideas are as practical as they are stylish and can easily be dressed up or down a bit, depending on the occasion and the venue.


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