Why you should incorporate nature into your holiday décor – and how to do it

Why you should incorporate nature into your holiday décor – and how to do it

It's easy to get caught up in the tinsel and shine of the holiday season, we know. What with all the blinking lights, commercials and front yard waving Santas out there, it can be downright overwhelming! One way we've found to combat holiday stimuli overload is by incorporating natural elements into our holiday décor. We love how calming bringing a little of the outside to the inside can be. This guide should help point you in the direction of some great ideas for cultivating a more natural landscape inside your home.

Add some greenery.

Evergreen trees lend themselves naturally to great holiday décor. They're our real saviors during the winters up here in Wisconsin, where they can be little reminders that spring is coming. For starters, you can add an evergreen wreath to your front door. At Lands' End we offer wreaths that come decorated with pinecones and ribbon or plain wreaths made from fresh boxwood clippings. Whichever you choose, more adorned or simple, a wreath is a great way to provide a fresh and welcoming tone to your front door.

You may also want to continue with some fresh garland. We source our garland from the same family-owned farms as our wreaths, up in the Pacific Northwest. They're made by hand and look great. Garland continues the visual story started by your wreath, and it's a great way to bring a little more nature into your decorations.


At Lands' End we're excited to offer a range of other natural, tree-inspired items in our home store. Seasonal décor items like tree figurines – some made of glass, others wood – are a great way to keep representations of nature in your decorations. Our natural birch wood candles coordinate with just about any decorative scheme. White birch is a timeless symbol for new life and rejuvenation in the winter, so it makes a lovely touch for your holiday decorations. We think you'll love the soothing scent of cedar and balsam that they come with, too.

Finishing touches

Just because we're incorporating natural elements into our holiday decorations doesn't mean every decoration has to come straight from nature. Let's take a moment to consider naturally inspired items that might make great additions to your décor. Many of our holiday-themed throw pillows have natural elements, including some with trees, snowflakes or woodland animals. We love the traditional feel of a hand-hooked throw pillow combined with the beauty of nature.

As a final natural touch, consider some monogrammed towels for your kitchen or bathroom. You can include your initials, for sure, but also any one of an array of embroidered natural images. Guests will delight in seeing your towels with snowflakes or winter birds, adding a final lovely element to your nature-inspired decorations.

From the tabletop to the doorway, the towel rack to the curio cabinet, you're only a few steps away from some really great decorations this holiday season. We think that getting back to the basics, staying really classic with your choices and incorporating some natural elements to your holiday decorations will help you feel calmer and more spirited. This winter, you don't have to default to the artificial trees and plastic everything. Bring a little bit of nature inside – you'll be glad you did.

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