Why You Need an Embroidered Polo Shirt

Why You Need an Embroidered Polo Shirt

From 19th-century polo matches in India to the modern hip-hop scene, polo shirts have come a long way. They’ve been a status symbol worn by successful people who know that looking smart and sophisticated doesn’t have to mean feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. With its buttoned neckline, sophisticated but soft collar, and versatile fabric, there’s nowhere a polo can’t be worn. Embroidery takes it up a notch, adding just a pop of detail to set the shirt apart from the rest. If you don’t have any embroidered polos in your closet yet, here’s why you need one (or a few) in your life.

Polo Shirts Look Smart

Polos might be simple, but they add sophistication and class to an outfit. And, quite honestly, polo shirts are a smart investment. After all, if you purchase men’s polo shirts you are getting a shirt that’s not only functional and easy to care for, but it's also ultra-comfortable. Plus, you can wear it anywhere, meaning you get more bang for your wardrobe buck.

Polo Shirts Are Comfortable

As we mentioned, polo shirts are some of the most comfortable shirts you can wear. After all, would you prefer to wear a stiff men's button-down oxford or a classy-looking polo with fabric that stretches and moves with you, not against you? You can find a polo made for a variety of occasions and climates.

For example, there are active polos with moisture-wicking properties, long-sleeved polos for colder temperatures, and short-sleeved polos for everything in-between. For ultimate comfort and style, you can’t go wrong with a Land’s End polo and the Comfort-First™ technology that keeps it flexible yet durable.

Polo Shirts Are Versatile

Whether running errands, doing yard work, or heading to the office, polo shirts are there for it all. Is there any piece of clothing that’s more versatile? A polo shirt can dress up a pair of shorts or can make a men's suit look more casual. Sometimes throwing on a sport coat over a polo is even more effective than wearing it with a button-down shirt and tie. Just tuck it into a pair of men’s pants with a belt — you’ll not only look stylish but feel comfortable too. And with a handful of different colors in your closet, you can make sure you have a polo that fits any occasion, any day of the week.

Polos Make for Perfect Uniform Tops

Polo shirts are the most popular tops among businesses that require their employees to wear uniforms. Their durability, comfort, and tidy look are just a few reasons why they’re so popular. But one of the main reasons is that they’re great for featuring embroidered company logos. When a logo is embroidered, it looks a lot more polished and professional than an iron-on or painted logo might look. And embroidery lasts longer, too.

Should an employer choose an embroidered logo for their staff's uniforms, they need to make sure the material their shirts are made of is strong enough to hold a stitch. Polos fit the bill, making embroidery a perfect addition. Even if your employer doesn’t require a uniform, they may have a dress code — and again, polos are ideal. Plus, it can be fun to have a shirt monogrammed or personalized with a special symbol to make them unique.

Polo Shirts Can Transform an Outfit

A polo shirt isn’t just an ordinary top. It’s a classic shirt that can be used to completely transform an outfit. For example, you could wear a men’s V-neck sweater on its own and look perfectly fine. But adding a polo shirt under the sweater makes it look completely different. It isn’t as dressy as a proper dress shirt, but it is still more formal than wearing the sweater on its own. Plus, it could add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Additionally, a polo shirt can look great on the court for your weekly tennis match and then seamlessly take you to brunch without breaking a sweat. There aren’t many other shirts that can provide so many different looks and be worn for so many different purposes.

A polo shirt is a popular piece of clothing for many good reasons. But adding embroidery to it gives it a special flair to make it stand out in any ensemble. Whether it has the logo of your favorite brand or your initials, it's a good idea to have an embroidered polo in your closet.


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