Why You Need a Basic Turtleneck for Fall

Why You Need a Basic Turtleneck for Fall

What do we think of when our thoughts turn to autumn? It’s certainly a season chock-full of potential for amazing activities (before we all go into hibernation), from tailgating to apple picking to cider tasting. And we could never forget PSL sipping. The other thing fall’s got going for it? Fall fashion and the return to layering after three long months of sweaty tees and sandy swimsuits. In short, fall’s got it all.

When it comes to fall fashion, might a basic turtleneck be the essential fall staple? We’re here for it. If you need convincing, look no further than this article. We’ll unpack why a basic turtleneck is perfect for your fall wardrobe and give you some styling tips on how to take this basic layer and build an amazing outfit that is anything but.

3 Reasons to Get a Basic Turtleneck

For us, a basic turtleneck is a no-brainer for fall. If you’re on the fence, well, we’re glad you asked! We’ve got four reasons why this fall staple is always at the top of the pile whenever September 21st rolls around.

It Layers Well

Think of a turtleneck as the ultimate base layer for fall. You can wear it under anything, from structured work dresses to cashmere cardigans to your favorite fall jacket. That means it can help almost any outfit transition to fall. Not quite ready to ditch that maxi dress you wore all summer? Just add a turtleneck and tights, and you’re ready for fall.

It’s Comfortable

When the weather gets chilly, what’s the part of your body that always needs a little extra TLC? Your neck and trunk. A basic turtleneck has got the coverage you need to stay warm no matter what the weather throws at you, from almost freezing temperatures to freezing rain or early snowfall.

It’s Timeless

In the annals of fashion, turtlenecks haven’t gone anywhere, and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. That means the turtleneck you wear today can transition with you through the decades. You can truly wear one at any age, from your 20s to your 60s and beyond.

It’s Versatile

This is a basic shirt you can wear with anything, from jeans and skirts to leggings and sweatpants. There are also so many different styles of turtleneck, from mock neck to cowl neck to traditional. You could wear a turtleneck every day with different necklines and never get tired of its cozy comfort for your fall style.

Need some advice on how to build great outfits around your basic turtleneck? We got you covered in the next section.

3 Ways to Style a Basic Turtleneck

When the temperature is dropping, and the sun is setting earlier, it’s time to turn your sights to the basic turtleneck. This quintessential fall staple will carry you through the season, from lazy Sunday mornings to afternoon meetings to nights out with your friends. We’ve got our sights set on one in every color, from neutrals like black and camel to perfect fall colors like oxblood and sage. Let’s go over three of our favorite ways to style this fall basic.

For a Night Out

If you think a turtleneck doesn’t work with your going-out wardrobe, think again! This fall, you should pair a form-fitting basic turtleneck with your favorite skirts for a chic going-out look perfect for a night at the movies or at your favorite wine bar. Might we recommend a tweed or jean mini skirt and a leather trench? Don’t forget to pull on knee-high boots to show off those legs.

For the Office

There’s a reason the black turtleneck is an iconic office look (thanks, Steve Jobs). For your watercooler style, opt for a luxe fabric like a Merino or cashmere turtleneck to keep it cozy while your office is trying to figure out whether to turn off the A/C now that it’s fall (they probably won’t). Pair your basic turtleneck with plaid trousers and a blazer, and you’ll be ready for the board room, the conference room, and the canteen. This look calls for patent leather booties to add some pizzazz and — dare we say? —attitude. That’s exactly what you’ll need to get you through your fourth meeting of the day.

For Everyday

When the air gets that crisp fall feeling, there’s nothing better than a basic turtleneck for everyday wear. Pair your favorite style with high-rise jeans, joggers, or even sweatpants. Throw on a scarf with a pop of color, and you’ll be ready for anything — reading on the porch, dropping your kids off at school, cooking your favorite fall soup. This fit will keep you cozy through it all.

Now, it’s time to make like a leaf and fall for the basic turtleneck. It’ll keep you warm and looking svelte through any activities you pursue this fall. Just remember to pair it with your favorite layers and other fall staples like plaid, leather, and accessories like women’s scarves or felt hats, and you’ll be ready for anything on your calendar.

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