Why We Love the Midi Dress for the Summer

Why We Love the Midi Dress for the Summer

First off, what’s a midi dress? A midi dress is where the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle. Women of all ages and sizes can enjoy wearing a stylish midi dress since it comes in so many styles, from midi sweater dresses to shirt dresses. However, in this blog, we’ll focus only on midi dresses that are best for summer weather. Here are the three main reasons why we love midi dresses.

They Come in Various Styles

As mentioned before, you have plenty of options when it comes to midi dresses to rock in the summer:

Tank or T-shirt

These types of midi dresses are the most casual on our list. They’re pretty much what their name implies: the tops are styled like a tank top or T-shirt. The fabric is usually similar to fabric in tanks and tees. We love these dresses for the summer because they’re comfortable options for casual days. They’re comfy enough to kick back and relax at home but look good enough for running a quick errand or hanging out.


Bodycon dresses snug your body closely, allowing you to show off your curves. Bodycon dresses usually feature fabric that allows for that stretchy fit. We love bodycon dresses for the summer because they’re an alluring way to remain comfortable while looking stylish. These dresses let you look confident, no matter where you’re heading.

Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are what the name implies: dresses styled like a shirt. They might feature similar materials, too, such as cotton. We love shirt dresses because of the balance they strike. They’re casual enough for more laid-back activities but a step above a tank or tee dress. Shirt dresses are perfect for a comfortable day in the office.


A wrap dress features a tie at the waist that helps you wrap the fabric around your body (like a bathrobe). Wrap dresses are also typical work dresses, but you can wear them to plenty of other places, too. For a more secure fit but that same look, go for a faux wrap dress. We love wrap dresses for the summer because they’re effortless to style for various settings.


You can find plenty of midi cocktail dresses. These dress types are definitely “dressier” than the others on the list. Therefore, it’s more common to see cocktail dresses at a restaurant or party rather than at work or while shopping. We love cocktail dresses for the summer because they give you something stylish to wear to that summer wedding or special date.

It’s Really Comfortable

A second reason why we love midi dresses for the summer is that the right ones are comfortable. Take, for example, shirt dresses. Many of these dresses feature poplin, a plain-woven, durable, and lightweight fabric usually made of cotton. Other midi dresses might not feature cotton or other fabrics known for being the most comfortable out there. However, there are other features that indicate that you might be in for high comfort. Look for dresses with front, back, or side slits. Slits are stylish elements that allow your skin to breathe more. Other features, such as cutouts, mesh panels, and a strapless neckline, let you show off more skin while keeping cool.

You Can Style It in Various Ways

There are plenty of midi dress styles out there. So, you have endless style options. For a casual midi dress, like T-shirt dresses, match them with comfortable white sneakers. White kicks are popular shoes to wear in the summer because they match with plenty of shades and designs. However, don’t feel like you must stick to white when it comes to your sneakers. Bright reds, neutral tans, and anything in-between can work, too. For another comfortable shoe option, slide into flats or flat sandals. Heeled sandals and pumps work well with dressier midi dresses.

For additional protection from the sun, style your dresses with a bucket hat, sun hat, or baseball cap. Embellish your overall ensemble with statement pieces, such as jewelry, a stylish canvas tote bag, a designer belt, and more. If you’re expecting to encounter a cool evening or building, carry a lightweight layer like a denim jacket or cashmere cardigan. You have so many pieces to play with when styling your midi dresses.

Choose the Best Midi Dress for You

Now you know all the good stuff about midi dresses. If you’re convinced that the midi is the way to go for a dose of style in the summertime, make sure you understand how to choose the best dress. Think about the length you want—but avoid dresses that hit right at the middle of your calf. Also, consider versatility. Some midi dresses can be worn from the office to happy hour. Finally, find a dress that offers the ideal fit. This comes with really knowing your body size, down to your waist. Retailers provide charts that allow you to choose the best size for you after determining your measurements.

Look for a midi dress to up your style game this summer. Whether you rock a floral or polka dot dress, we know you’ll kill the style game!


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