Why the Trench Coat Is Our Favorite Jacket for Spring

Why the Trench Coat Is Our Favorite Jacket for Spring

Originally men’s outerwear, now a wardrobe staple for fashionistas of all genders, the trench coat is here to stay, and we are here to tell you why you need one in your wardrobe this spring. Part women's rain jacket, part statement layering piece, this versatile jacket is one you will find yourself wearing over and over again. Here’s why.

Trench Coats Are Timeless

Most fashion trends come and go, but trench coats are here to stay. Developed for and popularized by the military, these coats were designed to be comfortable and practical.

The tightly woven fabric of trench coats is meant to be durable and water-resistant, making them ideal for unpredictable weather situations. These coats featured belts, wide lapels, storm flaps, and pockets. These same features that were great for World War II soldiers nearly a hundred years ago are wonderfully handy and practical for the modern 21st-century woman (let’s not get started on how much we love our pockets).

Post-World War II, trench coats became a popular staple amongst everyday women. Once popularized by Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, trench coats became a staple for wardrobes everywhere. For a timeless and classy Holly Golightly look, pair your taupe or beige trench coat with a little black dress and a pair of low black stilettos. To really commit to this look, finish it off with a pair of gold and diamond drop earrings from Tiffany's!

Trench Coats Are Practical

These coats are designed for unpredictable weather. While water-resistant and rugged, they still maintain their chic and sleek vibe. In other words, they are perfect for spring weather. How many times have you left your house on a warm, sunny spring morning, only to be caught in a rain shower that afternoon? Unlike a rain jacket or a winter coat, a trench coat won’t weigh you down or clash with your fun spring outfit vibe. It is the perfect lightweight layering piece to protect you from suddenly shifting weather patterns.

Whether wearing over your favorite summer dress or a sweater and jeans, a trench coat is an outer layer you need this spring.

Trench Coats Are Versatile

Unsure about where to wear a trench coat? The answer is: almost anywhere. There are truly endless opportunities to wear your trench coat, especially in the spring. Wear a trench coat as your go-to outerwear in virtually any situation. Highly versatile, it can easily be dressed up or down. From special occasion formal wear to daily casual outfits, the trench coat is an ideal jacket to top off your look.

With dress pants, a blouse or button-down shirt and your work-appropriate heels, your trench coat can complete your office-ready wardrobe this spring. Trench coats also look great with various hemline lengths. From pencil skirts to chinos, to pantsuits, the trench coat will look great as the outerwear to your office wear.

For a chic layered weekend look, wear a flowy loose-fitting top with a colorful silk fashion scarf, wide-legged pants, and a pair of cute ankle boots. Finish off this boho-chic look with your trench coat and you are ready for the museum, the pop-up vintage market, or whatever else is in store for you this springtime weekend.

The trench coat is also the perfect outerwear for cool spring nights that can be worn over a special occasion dress, making it the perfect option for your date night jacket.

Trench coats are also so lightweight, practical, and versatile, don’t forget you can wear them for the most casual occasions as well. Throw it on over your workout attire and take it from yoga class to grocery shopping while maintaining your casually cool look.

Trench coats supplement any wardrobe with their unique touch of sophistication. A great addition to any outfit, once you have invested in a good trench coat, this fabulous outerwear layer will last many years to come. Made to last and sure to never go out of style, this is why we love trench coats.


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