Why Swim Tees Need to be a Part of Every Summer

Why swim tees need to be a part of every summer.

What are swim tees for?

There are so many ways to use a swim tee. Wear one when you're snorkeling in the ocean, building sand castles with the kids, or running errands around town. Unlike a typical swimsuit, they can be worn in and out of the water, making them incredibly versatile.

Can a swim tee protect me from the sun?

Avoiding a sunburn is easier with a swim tee and one of our matching swim skirts cover ups. They're made with UPF 50 material that blocks 98% of harmful rays, so you can enjoy beautiful days without worrying. To stay extra safe, wear sunscreen under your tee and on exposed skin.

Will I get too hot in a swim tee?

Lands' End swim tees are made from lightweight fabric that won't stifle you on hot days. It's also moisture-wicking, so it can handle perspiration as well. If you want a little extra air, consider a swim tee that zips down the front for easy ventilation.

Will a swim tee keep me warm in the water?

Playing in the ocean is fun, but it can get cold quickly. Stay warm by layering up with a swim tee – it will trap body heat without weighing you down. You can also wear one like a cover-up when you're done swimming, and they look great over our mastectomy swimsuits, too.

Are swim tees good for athletics?

If you've embraced an active lifestyle, you definitely need a swim tee. The soft and stretchy material won't rub or chafe, even when you're running, hiking or cycling. Your tee also provides a barrier between delicate skin and sports equipment, like a boogie board.

Will a swim tee support my chest?

We design our women's swim tees to be worn over a bra, tankini, bikini or bathing suit. This means they don't have underwires, shelf bras or soft cups, so they won't keep your bosom in place. If you wear something underneath that provides proper support though, you should be fine.

How do I care for my swim tee?

Treat your swim tee (and all of your bathing suits) with care. After wearing, rinse your swim tee in cold water to remove things like sand, salt and chlorine. Always wash it by hand in cold water with baby shampoo or a gentle detergent; avoid stretching it out of shape as well, which may limit its ability to protect you from the sun.

Can I put my swim tee in the dryer?

Never put your swim tee in the dryer. Exposure to intense heat can damage the Lycra fibers and reduce its sun-stopping power. Instead, lay your swim tee on a flat surface and let it air dry away from direct light, which can fade its color.


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