Why Shackets Are One of the Biggest Trends

Why Shackets Are One of the Biggest Trends

If you’ve been paying any attention to recent fashion trends, chances are you’ve come across the word shacket. It’s a portmanteau of shirt and jacket—and perfectly describes just what a shacket is. Also known as an overshirt, shackets came into existence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a work garment worn over “regular” clothes to protect them from dirt and grease. Shackets are usually larger than regular shirts—the better to fit over them—and tend to have a loose, boxy shape, although some may be more fitted and even come with a belt, much like a trench coat does. They hit about the same length as jackets, which is to say hip length at most.

Realizing that you already have a shacket in your closet (even if that’s not what you called it)? Read on to learn why shackets are one of the biggest trends for 2022.

Why Shackets Have Become Popular

As people have become accustomed to working remotely, dress codes have relaxed, along with employees’ desire to dress up for work. On the other hand, people are also tired of wearing sweatpants and hoodies all the time. A shacket offers the coziness of a hoodie but is a tad dressier. Because it’s part jacket, a shacket is thicker than a shirt and, in fact, is often lined for extra warmth, making heavier shackets suitable for every season except summer. Picture a plaid flannel shirt with a Sherpa lining—now you’ve got the idea! Shackets allow you to stay casually dressed on those occasions when you don’t want to look like you just came from the gym or yoga studio.

Pockets Are a Must

Any shacket worthy of the name should have pockets. If you wouldn’t buy a regular jacket without pockets, you won’t want a shacket without them. In keeping with its shirt-like origins, though, a shacket is likely to have flap pockets in the chest area, even if it also has on-seam side pockets. Shacket pockets are usually fairly roomy; so much so, you may even be able to fit your phone and keys in them without worrying the items will fall out. Just make sure the top pockets fasten shut. If you prefer the smoother look of no pockets, be sure to throw a cross-body bag over your shacket to hold your personal items.

Styling a Shacket

Styling your shacket is as easy as styling your flannel shirt or your cardigan. It’s all about the layers. One classic look is to wear a turtleneck underneath. If you find turtleneck tops too restricting, opt for a mock style, which is looser and shorter in the neck area. Pair a solid turtleneck with a fleece plaid shacket—or a solid shacket with a print turtleneck—and your favorite jeans. Add a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and you’re ready for the great outdoors, whether that’s an easy family hike, a romp at the dog park with your favorite doggo, or an impromptu picnic with friends. Feeling warm? Pull off your shacket and tie it around your waist, then continue on as you were.

Shackets can be worn with other clothes besides turtlenecks and jeans, of course. If you find yourself wearing dresses (or skirts and tops) with sweaters pretty much year-round, change things up a bit and swap out one of your cardigans for a shacket. For example, wear your favorite print midi skirt with a solid tank and cotton twill shacket in the same color, much like you might wear a sweater twinset. Add a statement necklace to draw attention to your shacket, as well as a few bangles. If you’re not into necklaces, grab your favorite leather belt and buckle it around your shacket, then add a fun pair of dangling earrings.

Although they are inherently casual in style, shackets nonetheless can dress up an outfit. Freshen the look of your little black dress, for example, by topping it with a black leather shacket. Add tights and a cute pair of ankle booties, and you’re ready for a carefree evening out dancing with friends. Swap out the leather for a suede animal print if you’re in the mood to take a walk on the wild side. Shackets work equally well with longer-length dresses, such as boho maxi dresses.

Once you’ve discovered how versatile shackets are, you’re sure to agree that they are one of 2022’s biggest trends. You’ll also find owning a shacket is like having a potato chip: It’s hard to stop at just one.


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