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Why PJs Make the Perfect Secret Santa Gift

Secret Santa gifts are so much fun! Consider PJs if you are looking for a new Secret Santa gift this year. They are thoughtful and cozy gifts that everyone will appreciate.

Nice to Have and Need to Have

PJs are a need-to-have gift that is also nice to have. Everyone can use a new pair of men’s or women’s pajamas. Need-to-have gifts also have the advantage of being something that will get used regularly, which means that your gift recipient will remember your thoughtfulness every time they wear their new PJs.

Secret Santa gifts run the gamut from serious to silly. Instead of getting them something that they will enjoy opening and perhaps never use, why not get them something that they will enjoy opening and are guaranteed to enjoy wearing?

Winter Warmth

Keep them cozy when the winter chill arrives! Consider flannel pajamas for the win when it comes to gift-giving in cold climates. Flannel feels wonderful in winter. It is soft and will keep them warmer than other fabrics.

Flannel sheets also make a great gift. You can give their bedroom a winter refresh and make them extra cozy at the same time. To make new sheets extra special, consider having them monogrammed.

Cozy Kids

Whether they are tiny tots or big kids, keep them cozy with new PJs. A new pair of kids’ pajamas will make them feel loved and keep them warm all night long. For the little ones, consider pajamas with feet. They make everything from staying warm at night to dashing to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning comfy.

When buying PJs for kids, it’s a great idea to get two pairs. Chances are last year’s PJs don’t fit anymore, and little ones sometimes need to change into a fresh pair if they have an accident. It’s also just more fun to have a variety of PJs to choose from when they are getting ready for bed!

Photo Op in Flannel

We all love formal photos, but some of the best Christmas photos are the casual ones when people are enjoying a cup of coffee in front of the Christmas tree, baking those delicious concoctions, or just being silly. New Christmas pajamas encourage children of all ages to relax and enjoy the season.

Why not go for family Christmas pajamas? This one takes a bit more coordination, but it is well worth the effort. Make sure to get everyone’s pajama size at least a month in advance. When in doubt, err on the side of too-big pajamas. Kids will grow into them, and adults will have the option of enjoying extra roomy pajamas or returning them for something that works better. If you get the whole crew in matching or coordinating pajamas, make sure to set the expectation in advance about when you will take your family photo. Christmas is such a busy time that you could miss it otherwise. For best results, put the littlest family members into their Christmas pajamas after they eat and right before you will take the photo. Spills happen!

Personality PJs

You’ll want to know their size in PJs (and choose a retailer with a good return policy, just in case). It’s also fun to give “personality PJs.” Why not gift him men’s pajamas in the colors of his favorite school or team? Solids and stripes are great, but unique gifts that match their tastes can be extra fun.

This can make a fun theme gift for the whole family, too. Give the little ones PJs with their favorite cartoon characters on them. A sports fan could get PJs with soccer balls or footballs on them. Does someone love the finer things in life? Perhaps silk PJs for them. Is there a dog or cat lover in your family? Perhaps cute PJs with paw prints are in order. Themed gifts have the advantage of being extra fun and also easy because you are getting everyone the same thing.

Disguise for the Surprise

Part of the fun of Secret Santa gifts is keeping them a surprise until the recipient opens their package. PJs are not only an economical gift that is likely to fit nicely into any Secret Santa rules, but they are easy to wrap in either traditional or creative ways. You can place them in a shirt box to have a classic look to your gift that can be safely shaken and won’t “rattle.” You can roll them up, add some tissue paper, and gift them in a gift bag. You can even put them in a box or bag of a size or shape that will disguise them until the last moment.

Have fun giving PJs for your Secret Santa gifts. Merry Christmas!


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