Why Pearl Jewelry on Men Trend Is Here to Stay

Why Pearl Jewelry on Men Trend Is Here to Stay

Men deserve to look and feel just as luxurious and sophisticated in their outfits as women. And one way to add a hint of elegance to a man’s outfit is to incorporate pearl jewelry. That’s right: Pearl jewelry isn’t just for women! Men wearing pearl jewelry is nothing new; it has been around for ages but it definitely hasn’t been at the forefront of modern, mainstream fashion until now. It’s become quite the fashion trend, but we would argue that pearl jewelry on men has the staying power to cement itself as a fashion staple. In this post, we will take a look at all the ways men can use pearl jewelry to enhance their outfits.

A Pearl Pendant Necklace With a Gold Chain

Men have worn gold chains and other necklace styles for decades, but pearl pendant necklaces are a little newer on the fashion scene. Sometimes, all a man needs is one simple pearl to accessorize his outfit of choice. We would recommend a gold chain since the bright gold color contrasts with the white pearl beautifully, but note that a pearl pendant necklace can also be worn with a silver chain. When considering what outfits to wear a pearl pendant necklace with, try a decadent men’s cashmere sweater or a relaxed fit V-neck tee with a tailored men’s blazer.

A Pearl String Necklace

If one pearl isn’t enough, then get a whole pearl string necklace! There are many different style variations within the pearl string necklace category, ranging from different gem colors to different numbers of pearls on one necklace. Maybe you want the entire necklace to be made of pearls or maybe you just want several pearls with an exposed gold or silver chain. There are short pearl string necklaces and long pearl string necklaces and both lengths look exquisite on a man. A beautiful pearl string necklace goes well with a collared dress shirt and a suit jacket. It’s the perfect look for a glamorous social event or a romantic dinner date at an upscale restaurant.

A Multi-Stone Necklace

You know what’s even better than a pearl necklace on men? A pearl necklace with other gemstones too. This is the perfect jewelry piece for a man who likes a lot of variety and color. Explore different options like pearl and diamond necklaces, pearl and red ruby necklaces, and pearl and turquoise. Having a pearl necklace with additional gemstones in different colors makes it easy to coordinate with different outfits.

As you can see, the general theme of pearl jewelry on men is the endless variety. In fact, there is just as much variety in men’s jewelry as there is in women’s jewelry. From different gemstones to different jewelry pieces, a man has plenty of options. Maybe he simply wants a pearl bracelet or perhaps he wants to include several pearl jewelry pieces into his collection. There’s no limit on the number of pieces a man can have and the number of outfits he can accessorize with pearl jewelry!

A Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet

We’ve talked a bit about the pearl necklace options for men, but that’s not the only kind of jewelry that’s out there! Another popular jewelry piece for men is the bracelet. Men have worn bracelets and other wrist jewelry pieces for ages, but investing in a pearl bracelet is a great way to add a unique twist to an outfit. A delicate sterling silver chain with a pearl stone is a beautiful, subtle addition to a dressy look. It’s a low-key look that pairs fabulously with men’s dress shirts, suit jackets, and sweaters.

A Black Pearl Jewelry Piece

One way to add some traditionally “masculine” features to men’s jewelry is to opt for a black pearl in lieu of a white pearl. A man’s inner child will love the look of a black pearl (making him feel like a pirate), and pairing the black pearl with a black chain gives it an even more dramatic, mysterious edge. A black pearl necklace with a black chain will go well with many tops, but it will look especially flattering when paired with a relaxed fit, white v-neck men's t-shirt.

A Baroque Pearl Signet Ring

This may be a slightly more old-fashioned piece than the other ones we have discussed above, but it is timeless and instantly makes a man look and feel more debonair. A baroque pearl is less traditional than the classic white pearl, but it is just as fashionable and easy to incorporate into any outfit. As you might have guessed, a man can wear a baroque pearl signet ring with any casual or formal outfit, but it seems to be especially flattering when paired with a dark-colored men’s sports coat and a gold wristwatch.

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