Why One-Piece Swimsuits Are the LBD of Swimwear

Why One-Piece Swimsuits Are the LBD of Swimwear

Stock your wardrobe with one-piece swimsuits for summer. They’re the little black dress—or LBD—of the swimwear world, except they’re available not only in black but in many other colors and prints. There are sizes to fit every body, including plus, petite, and tall women’s swimsuits.

Here are four reasons to choose one-piece swimsuits, along with some tips for accessorizing your summer look.

They’re a Summer Wardrobe Staple

The one-piece swimsuit can go almost anywhere. You wear them to lakes, beaches, and pools. They’re perfect for pool parties and daytime beach dates—or even a quick run through the sprinklers with the kids. If you’re attending a casual beach wedding, a one-piece under a cover-up dress is a practical, stylish outfit idea. When shopping for a swimsuit, this versatile, opt for a chlorine-resistant style made with nylon and Lycra® XtraLife™ spandex. It delivers up to 10 times the wear of regular spandex and resists fading caused by UV rays.

Speaking of UV rays, another feature to look for in one of these classic swimsuits is sun protection. Many one-piece bathing suits provide UPF 50+ coverage for covered areas, although sunscreen is still a must. To keep your sun protection swimwear in top shape through all your summer activities, rinse it in cool water after each wear, squeeze out the excess water and lay it flat in a shady spot to air-dry. Although chlorine-resistant swimwear is UV-resistant and colorfast, you can extend its vibrancy even longer by drying it away from direct sunlight.

They’re Comfortable and Durable

Another reason to love one-piece bathing suits is the comfort factor. There are Tugless Tank swimsuits designed to stay in place as you swim or play water sports, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting your suit or dealing with any wardrobe malfunctions. The nylon/spandex fabric is lightweight and fast-drying, and it has the perfect amount of stretch for comfortable wear. And as mentioned, if you choose a swimsuit made with Lycra® XtraLife™ spandex and care for it properly, it’s likely to last all summer and beyond. It’s possible a one-piece swimsuit made from this ultra-durable fabric could last for years, depending on how often you swim.

They Come in Many Colors and Styles

Although we called the one-piece swimsuit the LBD of the swimwear scene, don’t be fooled by the terminology. Sure, there are plenty of black swimsuits from which to choose. However, these summer classics also come in lots of other solid colors and prints. There are neutral hues and light pastels, along with bright colors and rich jewel tones.

When it comes to prints, you’ll find many options. There are retro-inspired polka-dots and modern color block designs, along with tropical motifs and gingham prints with country florals. Some one-pieces combine solid colors with prints for a two-piece look with the convenience of a single swimwear item. They’re great for traveling as there are fewer pieces to fold and pack.

One-piece swimsuits come in traditional scoop neck styles with low-cut bottoms, and there are even underwire one-piece swimsuits for a lifted effect. There are high-neck one-piece swimsuits for modest coverage and one-piece swim dresses in multiple lengths. If you prefer swimwear in a different style, there are V-neck and Grecian necklines. Bandeau swimsuits have a retro look, and some include removable straps that combine two looks in one. There are trendy one-shoulder one-piece bathing suits that aren’t just stylish but also supportive enough for beach sports.

They Complement Almost Any Beach Cover-Up

Whether you’re wearing a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, beach cover-ups are a must. They protect covered areas from the sun when you’re not in the water, and they’re made from light, fast-drying fabrics. There are casual shorts and T-shirts, along with long-sleeve rash guard shirts. Rash guard hoodies are a great choice for the most coverage, while dresses are a fashionable option for wearing with sandals or flip-flops to the beachfront café or concession stand.

Cover-up dresses come in traditional tank styles, and there are mid-length and long cover-ups available. There’s also an array of short-sleeve dresses, along with kaftan cover-ups for a boho-inspired look that’s right on-trend.

Accessorizing Your One-Piece Bathing Suit

When it comes to accessorizing swimwear, less is definitely more. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming. Nonetheless, if you must wear your favorite pieces, pack a jewelry pouch in your beach bag to keep them safe while you’re in the water. The best accessories for swimwear are the summer essentials—sunglasses and a sun hat. These items come in many styles, so you can find sunnies and hats that complement your features and provide ample sun protection for your head and eyes.

Explore the selection of one-piece swimsuits to find many options. If you’re the type who likes to change things up now and then, there are also plenty of tankini tops and bottoms for your summer wardrobe.


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