Why I Love My Fleece Jacket

Why I Love My Fleece Jacket

Lightweight, warm, and incredibly soft – what’s not to love about a fleece jacket from Lands’ End? When you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. And they’re available in so many colors and styles that you might find yourself ordering a second or third! When your fleece needs cleaning, always follow the care instructions on the label to keep it in good shape.

How is fleece made?

Fleece is made from polyester – that same durable material found in your Aunt Edith’s 1970s best disco dress. First, polyester fibers are made by heating different substances, forming a syrupy liquid. After hardening, it’s spun to create threads that can be woven into clothing. The structure of these fibers makes fleece breathable and warm, and sometimes, it can even be made from recycled materials, like old soda bottles.

When can you start wearing your fleece jacket?

You can wear fleece whenever you feel a chill! Unlike a big, bulky winter coat, fleece can be worn all throughout the year. Since it’s light and airy, it’s perfect for cool summer nights spent by the beach or those days when the temps drop a little low for a T-shirt. In the spring, put on a hip-length fleece coat when taking the dog for a walk; add a hat and gloves when you feel chilly. If you live somewhere with mild winters and don’t need a parka, a fall fleece might do the trick.

Which is better, a fleece jacket or fleece vest?

When it comes to deciding between a fleece vest or jacket, one isn’t really better than the other – they each serve a purpose. A vest is a good layering piece; you can wear one under a winter coat when it’s freezing outside and you need to trap extra body heat. They’re also nice for putting on over a turtle neck or long-sleeve tee when you want to keep your core toasty. A jacket is preferable when you require more coverage. Try one that reaches down to your hips and has a collar that zips up to your chin to stay extra warm.

How can I style a women’s fleece jacket?

Though a fleece is usually considered casual wear, it can also be stylish. Try one with an embossed floral pattern or a hip animal print and you’ll look smart right off the bat. A longer fleece with pockets and a well-defined collar also has a dressier feel. Take things up a notch by adding a plaid scarf and leather gloves; a beret is another chic touch. In late autumn, try a snowflake print fleece, fuzzy earmuffs, skinny jeans, and a pair of leather boots.

How do I clean my fleece?

Keeping fleece clothing clean is simple! Always check the directions on the tag, but usually, fleece can go in the washing machine on the cool setting. To keep fleece nice and soft, wash it inside-out with similarly colored items and keep it away from anything that creates a lot of lint, like a fuzzy sweater or towel. You might want to rinse fleece items twice to wash away any detergent residue (and don’t use bleach or fabric softener) and always let this material air-dry.

Can I iron my fleece?

Polyester doesn’t like heat and a hot iron can possibly melt your cozy fleece clothing or damage the fabric. If you really need to get creases out in a hurry, consider using a wrinkle-releasing spray or blasting it with steam from your iron. Otherwise, use the iron on a low setting and consider adding a thin layer, like a dishcloth, over your fleece to protect it.


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