Why a Flannel Is Perfect for Working From Home

Why a Flannel Is Perfect for WFH

If you’re looking for an ultra-soft, cozy, and comfortable work-from-home piece that can work with almost any outfit, flannel is your go-to. This chic, lightly structured, but highly comfy fabric means business when it comes to feeling good. Not only do flannel's look and feel make it ideal for work from home attire, but the fabric is also highly durable.

It will keep on looking great even after a coffee spill or other home office mishap. Discover the flannel styles to add to your work-from-home wardrobe this season!

The Button-Up Flannel Shirt That Will Never Let You Down

Though you’ll want to get more than one flannel piece for your work-at-home ensembles, you’ll do well to start with one of the most versatile essentials: a classic flannel button-up shirt. Why do flannel shirts stack up to at-home employment? For starters, the button-up style has a collar that looks pulled together yet still relaxed. There is a wide range of flattering colors available, so your style options are practically unlimited. This top is also an ideal match for just about anything, whether you layer it up with jeans and a denim jacket, or you wear it alone with a pair of chic yet casual chinos. There are dozens of ways you can make the flannel shirt work for work-at-home.

In addition, the button-up design allows you to remove it or put it back on with ease. Keep it on over tees, tanks, or turtlenecks, or take it off and hang it on the back of your chair when it starts getting warm in your home office. The look of a button-up flannel says you’re a relaxed, competent professional, so it's a staple for anyone who works from home.

Flannel Tunics Are Fit for Working From Home

Another fabulous option that women universally love is the flannel tunic. These have a soft, cozy feel that works well with comfortable choices like leggings, skinny jeans, or other comfy women’s pants. These are often done in an A-line style with a banded collar, which provides a stylish, pulled-together look you can wear with confidence to any video meeting. You can also wear many casual jacket styles with a flannel tunic to help give it a little flair and polish if you are heading to a virtual meeting. Some styles have pockets, as well, which can be handy when working at home. Along with traditional plaids, you can find flannel tunics in an array of stylish prints, from animal-inspired patterns to cute Fair Isle designs.

Flannel Hoodies Keep You Warm and Let You Stay Focused

If you’re not comfortable, staying on task and being productive can be more challenging. That’s why a sherpa-lined flannel hoodie is another essential for any virtual worker. You can sink into these versatile layering pieces for luxuriously cozy warmth. So if you’re feeling a chill in your home office, just toss on your flannel hoodie over a tee or turtleneck, and you’ll be right back at it.

Flannel Pants Can Work for Virtual Work, Too

You see it on memes all over; the work-ready top and comfy, cozy bottoms for working from home. And why not? When you're working face-to-face with colleagues or clients in a brick-and-mortar office, no one may ever see what you’re wearing on your bottom half. Comfortable flannel lounge pants are soft and warm, and they let you move around with ease, making them a great option when working long hours from home. Pair them with anything from simple tees to a polished pullover sweater.

Flannel Is Easy Care to Make Your Life Easier

You’ve seen some of the great pieces that answer why flannel is a virtual worker’s dream come true, but there are more reasons to love this popular fabric. Flannel’s never fussy; it’s easy to care for, and most styles are simple to wash and dry. Read the specific care instructions for your garment to be safe, but generally, washing flannel in warm water in the washing machine and putting it in for a low tumble dry is all you need to keep your flannel looking fine.

Don’t Doubt Its Durability

When you choose flannel, you’re getting a fabric that works as hard as you do. Even modern lightweight flannel shirts and other pieces hold up well wear after wear, and wash after wash. To keep it at its best, treat any stains promptly and store it in a dry, covered area if you decide to put it away for the season. If you follow these basic care tips, it’s not hard to keep your flannel garments in top shape.

Comfy Flannel Can Take You From Your Home Office to Anywhere at All

Your favorite flannel tops and other apparel are not only perfect for working from home, but they also have the style you need when you venture out of your home office. Whether you’re just running out for a school pickup or you’re heading out to lunch with friends or colleagues, flannel always looks great. Add some new flannel styles to your work-at-home wardrobe, and get ready to fall in love.

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