Kids' Leggings

Why do kids' leggings wear out in the knees so fast? They're not made by Lands' End.

Little girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Of course, they can still destroy clothes, and you’ve probably thrown away leggings with sagging, ripped knees. At Lands’ End, we make our kids’ apparel tough enough to survive all of her adventures intact.

Girls need Iron Knees

Every pair of Iron Knees® girl’s leggings (which look adorable with our little girl’s dresses) are reinforced with a hidden interior panel. Amazingly stretchy, it stops holes before they start, so she can wear her favorite leggings as much as she likes. This innovative panel is also soft against her skin and won’t rub, pull or pucker.

Strong spandex

Poor-quality leggings get stretched out and baggy quickly. At Lands’ End, we use nearly double the spandex of other kids’ fashion brands to create leggings that keep their shape longer. Everything is also wash-tested, so they won’t fall apart in your machine.

Superior performance

Our Iron Knees leggings are amazing in so many different ways. When compared to the competition, they are more colorfast and better at resisting pilling. The fabric we use is also stronger, so you might even be able to pass them down to a little sister or friend.

Cute and comfy

We’ve also revamped our leggings, making them nicer than ever. The slimmer fit means they look adorable under our girl’s tunics and tees, as well as sweaters. There’s also no bulging or bunching with the new easy-on elastic waist.

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