Why Customized Gifts Make Holiday Shopping Easy

Why Customized Gifts Make Holiday Shopping Easy

Ah… the holidays! Many of us love everything about them except when the hustle and bustle get to be a bit too much. Let’s look at how customized gifts will make your shopping easy and your holidays bright!

You Can Buy Everyone the Same Thing

Personalization turns buying everyone the same thing into buying everyone something thoughtful and unique—but it only takes as much time as buying everyone the same thing. Add their initials, name, or nickname to a gift item, and suddenly that turtleneck goes from being a cozy top to part of a special family theme (in their favorite color).

Themed gifts are always fun! Additional ways to bring this idea to your holiday shopping list is to buy everyone a book (e.g., whodunnits for the mystery lovers, science fiction for the sci-fi lovers, historical fiction if that is up their alley), something that they can use on an upcoming family vacation, or something special for their home.

Online Shopping Makes It Easy

Unless you love shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, why not brew yourself a cup of your favorite tea, open your phone or laptop, and get all your holiday shopping done in one easy session? In addition to offering embroidery monogramming and other customizing services, Lands’ End has an amazing array of customizable gifts—everything from men’s slippers and shirts to soap.

Make sure to have the list of everyone for whom you are shopping handy when you start browsing. If you will be shipping items to their homes, also have their addresses at the ready. With a bit of organization, you can probably buy everyone a thoughtful, beautiful, and practical gift before your tea even gets cold.

Cozy Fits Everyone

Does the idea of figuring out everyone’s clothing size seem next to impossible? If so, take the route that is thoughtful and easy by going for gifts that don’t have a size like a fleece throw. Whether they use it on their bed, snuggling up to watch a holiday movie, or for staying warm during the fourth quarter of a football game, everyone loves a fleece throw. In addition to monogramming them, you can make them even more personal by going for the colors of their favorite sports team.

Other cozy options include all things flannel! Flannel sheets are one of the best holiday gifts ever. They are warm and soft, and the only size you need to know is the size of the bed. Of course, if you know their size and want to add flannel pajamas and a flannel robe to the mix, you may just become the most appreciated gift giver ever.

Great for Siblings

Having their initials on their stuff is not only an instant upgrade for siblings, but it can also be practical, too. You really can’t “borrow” your brother’s or sister’s stuff when it has her name or initials on it. Whether it's clothing, backpacks, or lunch boxes, a monogram makes it permanently theirs.

When they are grown, everyone will look back on it and laugh, but all young siblings “compete for resources." It makes it so much easier when they can tell their stuff apart from an early age. In addition to considering monograms, keep colors and patterns in mind to customize their gifts and make them easy to spot. Do they have different favorite colors? If so, great! Use that as a simple strategy to make your home life run more smoothly.

Perfect for Newlyweds and New Homeowners

Anything customized makes a gift for newlyweds or new homeowners extra special. Monogrammed bath towels are a great example of taking an easy idea and turning it into something luxurious.

New homeowners are among the easiest people for whom to buy gifts. If they are just starting out, they need everything from cookware to coasters. Even if they are well into adulthood, a new home is so much fun to outfit with things like pretty seagrass baskets for organizing, plump throw pillows, and even a new dog bed so their furry friend will have an upgrade for their new digs, too.

You Can Make the Christmas Décor the Christmas Gift

Personalized Christmas stockings are not only beautiful, but they also make great gifts. Why not upgrade the whole family to personalized Christmas stockings this year? If you already have the stockings you prefer or are looking for a friend or colleague, consider a personalized ornament instead. It will become a lovely memory that they enjoy every year when they get it out and start decorating.

Christmas décor can become a gift-giving theme that spans years and creates great family stories. Start with the basics like stockings and tree ornaments, but don’t forget Christmas candles, tableware, and linens. Collecting a few new things each year can be a great strategy. Have a warm, wonderful, and easy holiday season with customized gifts!


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