Why Boots With Chunky Soles Are Here to Stay

Why Boots With Chunky Soles Are Here to Stay

Can a person ever really have too many boots, especially during the fall and winter seasons? Boots have been a fashion staple for countless years, and we can say pretty confidently they will likely never go out of style. But that’s a little vague considering the many different boot styles to choose from. In this post, allow us to make the case for the chunky sole boot, a boot style that just so happens to be all the rage again.

The Chunky Block Heel Boot

The sole isn’t the only thing that can be chunky; if you get a boot with a heel, the chunky style is very on-trend too. A boot like this can come with an exaggerated tread on the sole and the thick, wide style of the chunky heel means this is a boot that is easy to walk around in. Getting this chunky boot style with a rain boot twist makes it the perfect boot of choice for a rainy, cloudy day.

The Chunky Sole Lug Boot

Even if you have never heard of this boot style before, you’ve likely seen it. It is characterized by a chunky black rubber sole and a square-toed shape, giving it a classic look that pairs well with a pair of skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans. As far as length goes, this boot style generally goes to the middle of the shin. Like any other category of boots, you can find this style in different colors like black and beige (two of the more popular, versatile choices).

Chunky Sole Boots to Perfect the Runway Look

On the streets isn’t the only place you’ll spot comfy chunky sole boots; they’re also quite popular on the runway. Most famously, Stella McCartney debuted some chic chunky sole boots that were expertly paired with a faux-fur coat. So if you are ever in the mood to create a high-fashion look with chunky sole boots, grab your favorite long faux-fur coat to give your outfit a daring edge.

Chunky Boots With a Wedge Sole

The chunky boots with a wedge sole give your footwear even more tread, support, and comfort. It also slightly alters the look of the classic chunky boot and puts its own unique twist on it. Black chunky boots with a wedge sole look fabulous when paired with a feminine, floral sundress. It’s that contrast of the delicate, light features of the dress with the edgier, masculine look of the boots that give your outfit a very fashionable appeal.

Get the Perfect Fall Look With Chunky Sole Boots

Ah, the outfits. All the outfits can be created with a pair of chunky sole boots. Spring, summer, fall, winter … these boots are so fabulous because they are in style every season. But if you are finding yourself struggling to put together a stylish fall outfit, try this: faux-leather trousers in a color like olive green, a brown cashmere sweater, and your waterproof fabric chunky sole boots in black. Finish the look with a pair of aviators or dramatic, black sunglasses and a crossbody purse.

The On-the-Street Look for a Rainy Day

Once you get the hang of chunky sole boots, you’ll start wanting to wear them everywhere you go, especially on a rainy day when you can’t afford to get your feet wet or wear shoes that don’t effectively protect you from pesky rain puddles. Patent-leather chunky sole boots in black look impeccable with an all-black maxi coat or trench coat over a women’s sweater. The pairing of the black coat with the black chunky sole boots gives your outfit a very classic New York look.

White Chunky Sole Boots With a Tailored Blazer

We have discussed plenty of classic black chunky sole boots, but we can’t forget to talk about other color variations. White chunky sole boots with a black tread are a fun twist on this iconic footwear, and when you pair them with a black tailored blazer worn as a dress, it creates the perfect outfit for a night on the town or a fun evening at a rock concert.

Chunk Boots With Winter Dresses

Earlier, we talked about a chic outfit you can put together during the fall, but what about the winter season? If you are looking for a way to give your winter women’s dress an edge while also reaping the benefits of practical, comfy footwear, pair chunky sole boots with a knitted maxi dress. The texture of the dress with the unique texture of the boots creates a very winter-appropriate outfit that will keep you warm and cozy and have you looking extremely stylish.


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