Why a T-Shirt and Jeans Make the Best Outfit

Why a T-Shirt and Jeans is the Best Outfit. Every Single Time.

Human beings, on any given day, are complex creatures. Even in deciding what to wear we like to spend excess time sorting out which button up looks the best paired with which pants. Oh, and we have to match the shoes to the belt to the wristband to the necklace to the socks … and don’t forget about the glasses frames!

When we’re doing our best to cut down on the noise in our busy lives, we prefer to avoid the overthinking, the overanalyzing, and the gratuitous decision making that makes our mornings crowded and stressful.

What better than to reflect your habits in a fresh, worry-free wardrobe. Lo and behold (the timeless favorite): t shirts and jeans.

Whether it’s making a to-do list or setting up the coffee gizmo the night before to avoid the hassle in the morning, we’re often clearing space so we can focus on the things that actually matter. What exactly are those?

Here’s a list of things that you can think about instead of thinking about what to wear:

A good t shirt and jeans combo will take out all the fluff. This is your comfort at its most basic level and to exist on that same level is a real delight. Maybe if you become a big fan of the look and feel you can start a tee shirt and jeans day at work.

So what else is as easy as a t-shirt and jeans?

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Peasy lemon squeezy.
  • Boiling water.
  • Spending all day relaxing in a hammock.
  • Black coffee.
  • No-iron shirts.
  • Using a vacation day on a Tuesday.
  • Somebody else opening the pickle jar.
  • Getting good at the tambourine.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Keeping spatulas out of sliding drawers.
  • Velcro shoes.
  • Sitting on a dock to watch the sunset.
  • Shopping while hungry.
  • Reusable water bottles.
  • Waking up when you feel like it.
  • Driving in the slow lane.
  • One, two, three.
  • A, B, C.
  • Pie.
  • Caring for a goldfish.
  • Playing go-fish.
  • Forgetting the rules of Euchre.
  • Watering a cactus.
  • The “like” button.
  • Clap on lights.
  • Setting reminders on your phone to tell you that you’re the best.

So if you’re in charge of changing society, partaking in rocket science, or you’re simply a parent: tees and jeans will be a welcome sight.

Are there any reasons that you can’t wear jeans and a t shirt?

Only one. That is if you don’t have jeans and/or t shirts. But since that’s unlikely, you’ll start to understand this new simple life. Hey, even if it’s the winter you can get some fleece-lined jeans and a cozy cashmere short sleeve tee. Definitely grab a fleece jacket and maybe a cozy pair of boots. You’re well on your way.

We see you calculating how you’ll complicate matters; skinny jeans for one day, flare fit the next? Different washes depending on the mood? Is the t shirt color based on the color you painted your nails? Maybe you love the rush of a hectic morning and maybe we think that’s cool too.

No matter how you cut it, it’s still simple. Or at least as simple as you want it to be.


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