Which Women's Jackets are Warmest in Winter?

Waking up on a cold and dark Monday morning in the middle of winter doesn’t exactly fill your heart with that joyful anticipation of a new day. In fact sometimes the desire to just roll over and hide under that big, fluffy down comforter seems like the best thing you could do. Well, thanks to our up close and personal understanding of Wisconsin winters, we at Lands’ End have developed the Down Winter Coat so you can brave the cold while still maintaining that warm, cozy comfort of your bed.

Our Women’s Faux Fur Hooded Down Winter Coat registers at warmest on our Temperature Rating. So basically, if you need to survive a tundra to walk your kids to the bus stop or take your persistent pup for a potty break, then this is the coat for you. Made with HyperDRY technology, our Down Winter Coats are designed to maintain their warmth even when wet – so no need to miss out on any impromptu snowball fights this winter. Plus the impressive 600 fill power down is guaranteed to keep you warm without adding any extra weight so you’ll never feel weighed down as you go about your busy day. Feel free to pair with a sweater or turtleneck; we trust you will be warm.

At Lands’ End we know you care about comfort and warmth but we also get that style matters to you too. With a sleek design and a variety of colors, this is the perfect coat to help brighten up any drab winter day. With a removable faux fur hood and your choice between mid-thigh or mid-calf level length this is the coat you want having your back as you take in your beloved stadium games this Thanksgiving. Not only will it keep you warm until that final down but you’ll be the best looking fan in the stands.

And if you happen to be one of the lucky ladies who live in a less brutally cold climate then consider one of our lightweight down coats. They may not be as warm and cozy as a bed on a cold Wisconsin day, but there’s no way you’ll be left out in the cold with this wardrobe essential. Made from the same HyperDRY technology as our longer down coats and a 700 fill power insulation between a polyester/nylon shell, we promise you will get all of the coverage you need to brave your own personal winter woes.

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter. Get your down winter coat here.

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