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Which Women's Jackets are Warmest in Winter?

Waking up on a cold and dark Monday morning in the middle of winter doesn't exactly fill your heart with that joyful anticipation of a new day. In fact, sometimes, the desire to just roll over and hide under that big, fluffy down comforter is hard to resist. Well, thanks to our up close and personal understanding of winter weather, we have a range of warm down winter coats for women so you can brave the cold while still maintaining the warm, cozy comfort of your bed. Down coats are some of the warmest winter coats out there.

Features That Pack a Punch

Our women's faux fur, hooded, down winter coat registers at the warmest on our temperature rating. So basically, if you need to survive a tundra to walk your kids to the bus stop or take your persistent pup for a potty break, then this is the coat for you. Made with HyperDRY technology, our down winter coats are designed to maintain their warmth even when wet—so no need to miss out on any impromptu snowball fights this winter. Plus, the impressive 600 fill power down is guaranteed to keep you warm without adding any extra weight, so you'll never feel weighed down as you go about your busy day. Feel free to pair with our women's sweaters and turtlenecks; we trust you will be warm.

Design That Keeps You Looking Good

We know you care about comfort and warmth, but we understand that style matters to you too. With a sleek design and various colors, this is the perfect coat to help brighten up any drab winter day. With a removable faux fur hood and your choice between mid-thigh or mid-calf level length, this is the coat you want, having your back as you take in your beloved stadium games this Thanksgiving. Not only will it keep you warm until that final down, but you'll be the best-looking fan in the stands.

Warmth Without the Bulk

And if you happen to be one of the lucky ladies who live in a less brutally cold climate, then consider one of our lightweight down coats. They may not be as warm and cozy as a bed on an extremely cold day, but there's no way you'll be left out in the cold with this wardrobe essential. Made from the same HyperDRY technology as our longer down coats and with 700-fill power insulation between a polyester/nylon shell, we promise you will get all the coverage you need to brave your own personal winter woes.

Outerwear Up for Anything

There are plenty of other attributes to look out for when searching for the best winter coats to stock up on for the season. First off, our down coats are also water-resistant, meaning they'll hold up if you're caught out in the rain. Just pair them with rain boots and an umbrella, and you're good to go (for extra protection, you can always wear the attached hood). Some of our more lightweight down jackets are also packable (they can pack into their pocket—which is pretty neat). If you're an on-the-go lady or love exploring the great outdoors, this packable outerwear may be for you. When it's not needed, just tuck it away out of sight.

Versatility for the Win

Our warm down winter coats keep you looking and feeling your best. Plus, they're so versatile that you can wear them anywhere, and they match with plenty of cold-weather-ready essentials. Style them with cashmere sweaters and dresses when you're heading off to work. For more casual occasions, they pair well with hoodies, sweatshirts, and all your other laid-back essentials. Down coats are ideal for shoveling the snow or building snowmen with the kiddos. As for footwear, you have a range of winter snow boots to slide into before heading outdoors. Look for boots featuring a soft fleece lining and a traction sole to keep you steady as you brave icy winter sidewalks. Finally, pick out your favorite winter accessories to take your outfits to the next level.

Don't get left out in the cold this winter. Get your down winter coat here. If down coats are your favorite cold-weather-ready outerwear, we won't judge. These warm coats' unmatched features and endless style can't win them all. Look for other warm winter coats more up your speed.

If you're looking for a bit more polished coat, try a boucle fleece coat or a long wool dress coat. Though down coats partner well with some dressy apparel, a boucle or wool coat is a more formal choice to wear with work-ready blouses and dress pants or winter soiree cocktail dresses. An insulated winter parka is an ideal casual coat with multiple interior and exterior pockets for optimal storage and a fleece lining for all-day coziness. Pick the best winter coat for you (or maybe two), and you'll be ready for anything the season has in store.


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