Which Sweater Material Is Best for Working From Home?

Which Sweater Material Is Best for Working From Home?

When you work from home, you'll sometimes spend many hours sitting at your desk to meet deadlines. This often leads to discomfort, back pain, and fatigue from inactivity. When you’re dressed in uncomfortable materials, it's more difficult to stay productive, too. However, when you pick clothing that's made from comfortable materials, you feel your best. That’s why when it gets cold outside, it's important to get a sweater that's made out of comfortable materials like cotton and cashmere.

Which sweater material is best for working from home outfits? Here are some of our top picks.

Flannel Sweaters & Shirts

When the weather cools down, the seasonal landscape calls for cozy flannel. Made of thick cotton that's brushed on both sides for ultra-softness, flannel shirts have an iconic plaid design that is as timeless as it is fashionable. Flannel shirts and sweaters are made out of the same materials as sweatshirts and sweatpants — two other popular creature comforts.

Whether they're the thinner tops that you find in the fall or the thicker ones lined with faux fur, flannel sweaters are some of the most comfortable things you could wear while working at home. The brushed cotton or cotton blends insulate the heat and keep your skin feeling super soft. Wear your flannel top with some leggings or a pair of women’s jeans for a comfortable and stylish WFH outfit any day of the week.


A quality cashmere sweater can last for years and also have an unparalleled feel. Don't skimp on quality for this because there's a big difference between counterfeit Cashmere and authentic. This high-quality fabric is made of fine wool fibers that feel so soft — not like you're wearing a work outfit at all. The finer the wool, the softer it is to the touch.

This material is so cozy that it will become your go-to dressy top for all your work-from-home outfits. In the fall and winter, a cashmere turtleneck can easily match with a pair of dress slacks and a blazer. This look is simple to put together when you need to look presentable for a video conference.

Fine Gauge Cotton

Any material that is woven in finer threads yields softer fabrics. The same rule applies to cotton. Fine gauge women’s cardigan sweaters are light enough to wear any time of the year and are easy to layer with a vest when you need extra warmth. You can find cotton sweaters made with all types of knit patterns, like cable and ribbed, for a variety of looks during the workweek.

Fine gauge cotton sweaters also come in many different styles like v-neck, crew neck, turtleneck, and more. The word "gauge" refers to how many stitches there are per inch. When there are more stitches in a small space, the cotton must be thinner, which results in a lighter fabric that is easy to wear alone or as a crucial layering piece. Since cotton is naturally absorbent and soft, you’ll always feel stylish and comfortable in this material for work.

Cotton & Wool Blends

If you need a soft sweater that has a blend of material characteristics such as colorfastness, shine, or stretch, then cotton or wool blend sweaters should also become part of your WFH wardrobe. Wool blends are known for using a strategic combination of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers, like nylon and acrylic, to make them easier to care for than 100% wool. Likewise, cotton blends can contain a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex to offer comfortable stretch in the fabric.

This subtle fabric flexibility helps you get the perfect fit. As the clothing adjusts to your unique shape, you'll easily find a comfortable position to work. Stretchy materials are also made to be moved in, so feel free to take a 5-minute stretch or exercise break in this versatile material to prevent soreness that comes from too much sitting. After all, this is one of the many perks of working from home!

Zip Front Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are the epitome of casual comfort that you can wear on a conference-free WFH day. They are usually made of cotton and polyester blends, with the majority being cotton. You may also find spandex in the mix for extra stretch. Zip-up sweaters are one of the most convenient styles because they can function as a sweater or be left open as a cozy cardigan. The soft, matte material is sometimes brushed to make an inviting fleece that locks in warmth, so you stay focused on the job and not your itchy neckline. Wearing this sweater kind of sweater as a cardigan is especially useful in transitional seasons when you may need to wear one of your women’s t-shirts for part of the day.

These sweater materials are incredibly cozy and are made to keep you stylish and focused all day at your home office.


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