Different Kinds of Sweaters: Which One is Right for You?

Different Kinds of Sweaters: Which One is Right for You?

Sweaters are a necessity for women in the fall and winter months. But considering the sheer range of women's sweaters on the market—from cotton turtlenecks to twinset cardigans to cashmere v-necks—the options can appear endless. It can feel easier to simply give up and wear a t-shirt under a women's winter parka all winter-long.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can pick through the sweater parade and discover which kind of sweater is right for you by thinking of the circumstances in which you'll be most likely to wear it. Consider whether you fit into any of the scenarios below, and you'll be well on your way to selecting the types of sweaters that are right for you.

Sweaters for the Active Type

For you, autumn means hikes to capture the best glimpses of fall foliage, and winter brings one ski weekend after another. You're looking for a sweater that can keep you warm while allowing the freedom you need to remain active.

You'll want to seek out sweaters made from fabrics in an acrylic/nylon blend. Thanks to this fabric blend, these sweaters provide warmth and are also less susceptible to wrinkles and creasing, allowing them to stay fresh through even the most impactful of fall/winter activities.

When the season starts, you may want to have a short sleeve cotton blend sweater on call. As things grow a little more frigid, you can upgrade to a long-sleeved cotton sweater. And once all the activity is done, throw on a casual cardigan or a loose-fitting open cardigan that you can wear around the ski cabin for fondue or s'mores roasting.

One of the very best things about blended or cotton sweaters is that they are machine washable. So don't sweat the fact that you may build up a sweat while wearing them—all it takes for an instant refresh is a quick pop in the washing machine.

Sweaters for the Office Go-Getter

You take everything about your career seriously, and the office dress code is no exception. Fortunately, the right sweater can play an invaluable role in keeping you looking sharp—while feeling warm—at the office.

The cashmere cardigan is a classic workweek choice. For office wear, look for a cardigan that has a closer, more traditional cut, or is even part of a twinset. These can easily be layered over a fitted blouse for a look that's both professional yet effortless.

But we'd be remiss without mentioning what could be our favorite choice of sweater for workweek wear—the cashmere turtleneck. Whether you plan to wear yours on its own over a pencil skirt or slacks, or with a classic blazer, the cashmere turtleneck remains an excellent, versatile choice for professional wear.

Sweaters for the Girl Who Loves to Curl Up with a Good Book

Yes, sweaters can prove invaluable to those looking to stay active or look sharp at work. However, there's something about the sweater that naturally lends itself to day-off relaxation—even laziness. For those rare, precious moments when you can count on curling up on the sofa with a favorite book or a streaming show on call, you'll want to take full advantage of the situation with a cozy sweater.

While a simple cotton or cashmere crewneck will do the trick, there's nothing more relaxing than kicking back with a chunky cable sweater, or a cozy open cardigan sweater.

There's no hard or fast rule as to what unites these most laidback of the different kinds of sweaters, but in general, you can seek out looser silhouettes, drapier cuts, and open fronts.


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