What is the Best Fabric for Sleepwear?

What is the Best Fabric for Sleepwear and Pajamas?

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so when it comes down to it, comfy pajamas can be difficult with so many different styles, fabrics, and colors. Whether you’re more interested in cozy full-body coverage or you’re looking for something soft and silky with a breezy fit, there are pajamas for you. Before you choose pajamas, be it for yourself, a loved one or friend, or for the whole family, be sure to consider the following options when choosing material and fabric— a good night’s sleep depends on it, after all!

Some pajama fabrics are lightweight and made for warmer temperatures, while others have thicker material that is better for winter temperatures. Additionally, kids may be looking for a looser fit for sleeping, while adults might want something more sleek and simple. These are all points to consider when purchasing pajamas, especially if you are opting for matching pajama sets.

We’ve broken down the main types of pajama materials so you can decide which type you like best.

Lightweight Cotton Pajamas

Lightweight cotton is the go-to option for matching pajamas when sleeping in warmer temperatures. The breathable material is soft to the touch, but remains cool against skin, making for a sound sleep. Lightweight cotton pajamas are a great option for kids, too; the fabric is durable yet soft with some stretch for easy movement. For adults, lightweight cotton pajamas are comfortable for lounging and snoozing around the house, and they also make for the perfect nightwear for warmer nights. Choose from full-body matching pajamas or shorts and a t-shirt in lightweight cotton for jammies for the whole family.

Flannel Pajamas

Cozy flannel is synonymous with wintertime. Enjoy the warm and thick fabric in pajama form for a sleep that requires an extra layer. We recommend flannel pajamas for colder temperatures when all you really want to do is curl up under a big comforter and get a good, deep sleep. Flannel pajamas are also great for lounging around the house and sipping hot cocoa by the fire; pair them with matching flannel robes and slippers for a full holiday ensemble. Flannel pajamas make for great gifts around the holiday season, and they are the perfect option for the whole family from adults to kids. Want to really impress the crew this year? Get matching pajamas for the whole family and pose for a Christmas picture. You’ll be sure to get a few laughs and make a lasting memory!

Supima Cotton Pajamas

Supima cotton is the softest, coolest fabric for pajamas. The lightweight feel of these pajamas is extra breathable and the material itself feels cool and smooth like a second skin. Supima cotton is best for warmer temperatures as it is extra lightweight and gentle to the touch; however, you can always layer it under robes for added warmth. Additionally, Supima cotton pajamas are very form-fitting and make for body-hugging sleepwear that is perfect for adults. Available in all designs and colors, Supima cotton pajamas have a stretch to them and provide a silky, comfortable sleep. They are available in full-coverage pajamas or in more revealing shorts and cami sets.


Knit pajamas are warm, cozy, and extremely soft to the touch, making these a comfortable option for the whole family. The knit fabric is also stretchy, so kids will love the extra flexibility and movement, especially when it comes to lounging around the house. Knit pajamas are fun options, with different screen-printed graphics and fun patterns that adorn everything from full-body pajama sets to t-shirts and shorts. Whether you choose to pair pajama pants with your favorite t-shirt or wear a whole matching set, knit fabric is a family favorite for lounging and sleeping snuggly.


Broadcloth is a heavier, woven fabric that is stronger than typical cotton and less soft than traditional knit or flannel. You’ll find this material most often in matching pajama sets that offer full-body coverage and have a traditional button-up front. These pajamas are sleek and stylish and come in all different styles. You can really upgrade this sleepwear look with a personalized monogram or name stitching over the front pocket or on the sleeves. Broadcloth becomes softer with more wear, as the fabric adjusts and breaks down. For a clean, put-together aesthetic while lounging and sleeping, broadcloth pajamas are the ultimate option for adult comfort with minimum stretch for a cool-to-the-touch sleep.

Consider the various options for pajama material and settle in for a night of restful sleep this winter.


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