Which Kids’ Backpacks Work Best at the Beach?

Which Kids’ Backpacks Work Best at the Beach?

Have a family beach day coming up? It may feel like there’s a lot of things you have to pack. Instead of trying to stuff everything into your canvas tote bag, try encouraging your kids to bring their own beach bag! Using their school backpacks makes it super easy. Here’s how.

First of all, having a bag with straps for kids is ideal for the beach. It can go right on their back so they won’t have to drag it along in the sand if it’s too heavy – the weight will be balanced out for them. The shoulder straps and back panel are padded and there’s also an adjustable chest strap to help with the load, which makes it super easy to carry all the way from the parking lot to that perfect spot they scoped out by the water. If your kids are still quite little and don’t have much to carry on their own, try a small backpack or a packable drawstring for them. They can carry a few beach toys and their cover-up or rash guard.

If your kids are a bit older, a medium or large school backpack will work best. What’s great about backpacks is that they zip up - no open tops where sand can easily sneak in. Your older kids will have room in their back packs to pack a beach towel in one of the main zippered compartments, goggles in the front zippered pocket, a ball to toss around, a change of clothes to put on after they take their wet swimsuits off and a hat to block the sun from burning their little faces. Everything will stay dry and sand-free inside their backpacks. Plus, the bags are easy to clean and wipe off if any sand does get in or on them. And, the fabric is lightweight yet durable so it will last through many more beach days with your kiddos (and wherever else they bring it!)

A few more great features backpacks have are mesh water bottles pockets and lunchbox loops. It’s important for everyone to stay hydrated during a day at the beach, so packing extra water bottles or sports drinks in those pockets on the sides of their backpacks is a great idea. Also, if you’re planning on packing lunches and eating them on the beach, grab everyone’s lunchbox and put their sandwiches and snacks in there with an ice pack. They’re insulated to keep food refrigerator-cold for up to 5 hours! That will get rid of some weight in the cooler and your kids can eat whenever they’re hungry instead of waiting for you to dig everything out. Their lunchboxes attach right to their backpacks so their hands will be free to help carry their boogie board, beach chairs, the umbrella (one can hope, right?). Hopefully, there will be less fighting over who carries what to the beach if all the kids have their own backpacks.

If you have a lot of bags in the trunk or if your kids’ brought friends to the beach, it will be less confusing for you to know whose is whose if your kids’ backpacks are personalized for each of them. You can make each backpack their own by adding initials, words or a colorful icon to showcase a bit of each kids’ personality. And, they can choose from so many different colors and patterns and match their lunchbox with their personalized backpacks too.

When your beach day comes to an end and it’s time to get everyone rinsed off and changed into dry clothes, everyone will have a fresh outfit packed in their backpacks to change into. If there’s a hook on the inside of the changing station or shower stall, they can hang their backpacks there with help from extra-durable, reinforced handles. That way, the bottom of their backpacks won’t land in any puddles and get wet. When you get back home, easily shake them all out before you head inside and everyone can unpack their own backpacks after a full-day of fun in the sun. Successful beach day!


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