Which Jeans Fit Your Personality Best

Which jeans fit your personality best?

Women's jeans can be an incredibly personal item of clothing. We wear our favorite pairs constantly and as they break in, they mold to our bodies and become like a second skin. A great pair goes with almost everything in your closet and captures a little something about what makes you stand out by reflecting your personality in every stitch and rivet. However, knowing what kind of jeans to get can be as tricky as figuring out your pant size. So, find the style that speaks to who you are and they'll make you feel amazing every time you put them on.

Outgoing and carefree?

If you have a buoyant personality and a naturally outgoing nature, you need some fun and flirty jeans that will work for every adventure you have, so go for some stretch skinny jeans that move with your body and compliment your curves. They can be casual or dressy and look smart with sweaters, tees, blouses and almost anything else you can imagine. Wear them with sneakers when walking the dog or with a pair of heels if you're heading out for karaoke with friends. To dress your skinny’s up or down, get different color washes. Darker jeans are usually more formal and lighter jeans are more casual and playful.

Calm and collected?

Do your friends say you're reliable, down to Earth and laidback? Then you need a jean that's just as relaxed as you are – the classic straight leg jean. They can balance out the appearance of full hips and a curvy bum, but they are also nice on tall, slim frames and draw attention to long legs. For a timeless look, wear them with a white blouse, a belt and a pair of leather boots. In the summer, cuff them and slip into your favorite sandals and tee for a barbecue with friends. Add a patterned headband for a fun pop of color.

Sleek and sophisticated?

Leave the house without makeup? Never! Spend Saturday night on the sofa? Not gonna happen. You always look good and are usually found trying out the newest restaurant or watching an arthouse movie, making boot cut jeans (in a dark wash, of course) your go-to. You love wearing them with leather ankle boots and a black cashmere turtleneck, as your look is understated and timeless. They're also nice with elegant silk blouses and a long coat, worn open to show off your outfit. Also grab an over the shoulder handbag in a color like red, black, or white to really make your outfit pop out of a crowd, while keeping it classy.

Dreamy and romantic?

You can spend hours curled up with a good book and love long walks in the woods followed by an evening spent watching classic Hollywood movies. Try some black jeggings, which are stretchy enough to feel comfortable through all of your favorite activities. While they’re not exactly jeans, they should be part of your wardrobe! They go with practically everything, including your coziest sweaters, lacy tops and pointy-toe flats. You'll find putting an outfit together for your next event – like a poetry reading at your favorite café, a wine tasting or a film festival – is simple when this wardrobe staple is close at hand.

Tough and tender?

There isn't a home repair project you can't handle, you love digging in the dirt and your idea of a good time involves putting up a new birdhouse. But you also have a delicate side and always like to look nice, so try some faded crop casual jeans. The short cut makes them adorable with your favorite sneakers (and you're not a heels kinda gal), and the distressed denim reflects a little of who you are – hard-working, but stylish. These gorgeous jeans look amazing with white shirts. You can add a pair of earrings, but maybe stick with some neutral studs.

 The high-rise fit will help you stay warm when you're outdoors and it makes them perfect for wearing with a tucked-in top.

Funny and fierce?

Everyone loves you for your big personality and great sense of humor. You're always making people laugh and have never been a shy violet, so your jeans should be as bold as you are. Skip basic blue and go for eye-popping shades like bright red, green and purple to really make a statement. Wear them with a matching patterned top or a plain shirt and prepare for the compliments. Don’t forget a pair of statement earrings and statement shoes to complete your “hello world, hear me roar!” look. 

To protect the vivid color, turn your jeans inside out and wash them on cold with other light or dark pieces.

Earthy and bohemian?

You like picking wildflowers, playing your acoustic guitar and living in sync with nature, so get some women's jeans that are as chilled out as you are. A pair with a high waist and wide legs has a hippie-inspired feel that recalls the 1960s and will look pretty with your billowing peasant blouses and platform sandals in the summer. This style is also incredibly slimming and looks perfect with vintage shirts, shoes and accessories, so don't hesitate to wear them with your favorite secondhand finds. They’re also roomie, comfortable and allow you to move in the free-flowing way that you love.

Strong and silent?

You may be called an old soul by your family members. You’re the fierce protector of your friends–and you are a person of few words. You might be an introvert, not looking for a lot of attention. That’s why the high rise cargo ankle pants are perfect for you. They’re not your typical Lands’ End jeans. They resemble jeans but they are made out of a sports knit denim. So, they are more comfortable. They’re more like a cross between jeans and sweatpants–the perfect marriage. Grab a pair of these to wear around the house.


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