When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

When and How to Wear a Fleece Vest

Live through a couple of Wisconsin winters and you'll quickly realize the true secret to surviving unpleasant wind chills: the mighty men's fleece vest. These outfit completers not only look great over a long sleeve dress shirt but a fleece vest is the ultimate under-layer to any winter jacket worth its (rock) salt. Not quite sure if a fleece vest is for you? Keep reading for a few more "what if" scenarios that will have you convinced about owning a fleece vest this winter.

Tackling That To-Do List:

We all know winter coats are essential when it comes to braving the harshest of elements but they're not exactly great for grocery shopping. That's where the fleece vest comes in. This warm winter wear may be sleeveless but if you ask us, that's one of the advantages. Stash your bulky winter coat in the car and let your arms stretch free inside the store as you aim high – you know, for those top-shelf items.

Taking the Kids to School:

Nothing beats an easy solution on a chaotic school day morning. Make life slightly easier and throw on a fleece vest before taking the kids to school. Not only will you be able to face those gossip-craving room-moms with style and grace, but a fleece vest is a great way to cover up that fresh and fragrant coffee stain on your shirt. In a pinch, knowing how to wear a vest can be a real life saver.

Working From Home:

Sorry, but nobody can be office-level productive while wearing their pajamas all day. Do yourself a favor and throw on a fleece vest the next time you work from home. Not only will it keep you feeling warm, comfy, and productive, but it totally passes as clothes, so there's no way anyone can accuse you of lounging around on a workday. Throw a fleece vest over a dress shirt for video calls where you need to look sharp but want to stay comfy.

A Spontaneous Getaway:

Sometimes you just need a break from the mundane and nothing is more refreshing than a spontaneous family road trip. Let the open road be your guide and throw a fleece vest into the suitcase just in case your final destination is a little too chilly or not quite chilly enough (to justify sightseeing with a winter parka). With the versatility of the fleece vest, you'll be able to take in the sights in comfort and style, whatever the weather.

At Lands' End, we know life goes on – even when temperatures drop to freezing. Don't let the next cold front take you by surprise. Stay warm, cozy, and flexible this winter with a little help from the best fleece vest.


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